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Another example of the harm done to innocents on Sylvia's Site

Sylvia MacEachern and husband
Sadly, once again Sylvia MacEachern of Sylvia's Site has let her passion imperil her judgment as she offers up another priest for battering on her blog. Today's victim: Fr. Tim Scott, csb.

What horrible offense does Sylvia use to justify exposing this man to abuse on her site? (evidence of which is posted below) He is the official spokesman for the Basilians. That, and the fact that he taught at the same school as another priest who was convicted of sexual abuse of minors.

That's it. Nothing more than that. Because of these two simple facts Sylvia chose to post a column entitled 'Father Tim Scott csb Teaching at St. Mary's College', that generated the following comment today:

Sorry I Can't Say says:
March 14, 2012 at 3:43 pm
Now that just creeps me out!!!! Here was Scott living right alongside Marshall in Crawley Hall while Marshall was abusing kids at night in the very same building and at their shared school. And Campbell was there with them too!! And yet Scott STILL chose to become a basilian … to be one of THEM. Creepy as all get out!

And now he speaks for them and expresses regret over the actions that took place under his very nose! I think this is an absolutely amazing discovery Sylvia and intriguing as well. Could they not find someone as spokesperson whose formative years studying, discerning God’s call and deciding to become a basilian WEREN’T spend under the tutelage of a child molester?? Not one? Maybe so. Maybe they can’t find a single remaining basilian who hasn’t lived with, slept with, ate with, studied with, taught with and worshiped with a child molester. Though in this case it appears he may have lived with two of them … plus that Fr. O’Reilly character. I forget – was he the guy growing pot in his room?

What kind of young man legitimately believing God is calling him to serve as a priest, living with three “priests” such as those would not run screaming in horror?? What kind of a man would choose to JOIN them??

I don’t think the basilians would ever have brought such information forward but it certainly strains their credibility to have a man expressing their “regret” who was right there when it was happening. Would have been a lot better for all his victims from the early 80′s onward if he had expressed something then instead of now.

Fr. Steve Ballard, a friend of this blog and a brother priest in the Pembroke Diocese brought this column and comment to my attention - for which I offer him thanks! He also included the comment that he attempted to post on Sylvia's Site. I say 'attempted' because both he and I were banned from commenting on her blog because we refused to shut up in our defense of a Maritime Bishop as he was being falsely calumniated by Sylvia. I am happy to post his reply here:

Father Steve Ballard says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
March 14, 2012 at 7:14 pm
This diatribe is so filled with conclusions, theory without fact, judgment about the motivations behind this priests intentions and vocations.

My God Sylvia, how can you in good conscience not challenge this. Being passionate is not antithetical to the use of reason. People have to start thinking more. Is it not possible that this priest is attempting to be a voice for reform in this order? Chosen by God to do so?



  1. In response to some comments on her blog, Sylvia offered the following:

    "Sylvia says:
    March 15, 2012 at 8:51 am
    Sorry I Can’t Say, as you know I am sure, there is nothing to say and no proof that Father Scott was aware that Hod Marshall was molesting boys at St. Mary’s. I will say however that had I known at the sentencing hearing that Father Scott taught at St Mary’s and lived in residence with the small group of Basilians who taught at St. Mary’s I would definitely have asked him what his impressions were, of both Fathers Marshall and Campbell. And I would have asked him if he recalled that Father Campbell was constantly surrounded by young boys and frequently taking young lads on camping trips. And I would have asked if he recalled the young lad from Windsor Ontario who stayed at Crawley Hall while on a trip with Father Marshall. And I would have asked if it was common for young boys – unaccompanied by their parents – to sleep over at Crawley Hall. I probably would also have asked if he recalled the marijuana plants, and the smell of pot wafting through the building as Father O’Reilly indulged himself with his ‘habit.’ (Father O’Reilly wasn’t just growing pot in his room, he had marijuana plants growing in the living room, dinning room and hall.)

    It seems to me that in light of his time teaching at St. Mary’s with Father Marshall and in residence at Crawley Hall it was improper for Father Scott to attend Hod Marshall’s sentencing hearing as a spokesman for the Basilians and to offer an apology on their behalf."

    Fr. Steve asked the following questions when he brought this most recent comment from Sylvia to my attention.

    1 What is even more astonishing is her rather arrogant inference that he would feel obligated at all to answer her questions! Does she have some authority unknown to the rest of us?

    2. Is this what they call "reading your own press too much" and becoming just a tad self-important?

    3. Finally, if no one was present for the Basilians and did not offer a word of an apology, one could just hear the screams of outrage. One wonders what folks really want? Can they remain intellectually focused?

    In answer to SFB's questions, I respond:

    1. Yes, she thinks that she does.
    2. Yes, you are absolutely correct.
    3. What they want is to stay mad. Finally, No, they cannot remain focused on anything except nurturing their own sense of woundedness.

    Fr. Tim


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