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Where is God in the wake of all the world’s misery? | Holy Post | National Post

I'm half blind today and it's almost impossible to use the computer so today I'm just cross posting to my latest column in the National Post.

Where is God in the wake of all the world’s misery? | Holy Post | National Post


  1. Father Tim, I hope you are not unwell. Please let us know.

  2. Suffering helps us to understand others who suffer. It teaches us compassion for others. It draws us closer to Jesus as His suffering on the Cross drew the good thief to Him.For those who believe no explanation is necessary and for those who do not, no explanation is enough.
    Father Tim i think your Mother's explanation was beautiful...may God give each of us that kind of love and trust.

  3. Your mother was a strong, brave, and a courageous Catholic lady.

    My own mother would question stuff, but your Mother Father Tim, sounds like my grandmother.

    I recall being at my grandmother's feet looking up at her in her rocking chair. There was a very large Crucifix on the wall beside us. I do not remember what she told me but she sure loved that man Jesus on the cross. She seem to glow with joy...that Jesus was important and I should never forget Him.

    She went through so many hardships in her life, too many to recount here. No matter what was going on in her life, Jesus was still everything to her.

    Being very little like I was then, you think I would be afraid looking at that man on the cross (that was so bloody.) But I wasn't, it had to be my grandmother who helped me realize Jesus did something special for her, for my mom, dad & me.

    It's ironic you sharing your story about your Mother with us, helped me remember this about my grandmother.

    I like to recapture that childlike faith nevertheless, I'm not that child now.


  4. Minor accident. Partial tear eye. Really hard to see therefore really hard to type. computer screen reaaly hurts. Should be healed enough in couple days to be able to get by with patch and dark glasses.

    Fr. Tim

  5. Glad to hear it is minor. Take care of yourself. I appreciate your blog and don't want you away for too long.


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