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Archbishop Wenski’s words made true by gay writer who viciously attacks him for defending reality of marriage |

Archbishop Wenski’s words made true by gay writer who viciously attacks him for defending reality of marriage |


  1. Larry Green31 March, 2011

    It is with amazement and awe that I see -and with great clarity- the process of human evolution as being driven by such a tremendous and unrivalled force from the nature within that the course toward it’s final cause will not/cannot be altered.
    In a world where Jesus actively teaches the value of acceptance and inclusion , the teachers of intolerance and exclusion simply become increasingly irrelevant.
    Turning away from Jesus IS what sin is.

  2. Hi Tim,

    After reading all 3 articles, I must admit that I find Mr. Thorp's critique of Archbiship Wenski's article cogent for the most part.

    Mr. Peters' high dudgeon with respect to the alleged "offence" of Mr. Thorp's characterization of Christianity as disconnected from reality is simply over the top. If you actually step back from Christianity, and view it as an outsider might, Mr. Thorp's point becomes plainly obvious:

    "...a virgin gave birth to a deity who was nailed to a piece of wood to save us from the wrath of his father; and who rose from the dead, floated in the air, and ascended through a magic portal to heaven."

    This may not be a sympathetic portrayl of Christian beliefs - but it is both an economical and accurate description of the key beliefs.

    Most Christians in the world are atheists....about other people's gods. Mr. Thorp is simply an atheist about one more god than they.


  3. Larry Green31 March, 2011

    There are those who are Christians in their talk.The world is made better though,by those who are Christians in their walk.

  4. "In a world where Jesus actively teaches the value of acceptance and inclusion, the teachers of intolerance and exclusion simply become increasingly irrelevant."

    Hi Larry

    Are you sure that was Jesus teaching acceptance and inclusion? For clarity, could you give me some examples of the scripture passages where Jesus preaches acceptance and inclusion and to whom you think that message applies?
    You alluded in another thread that Jesus and Mary Magdelene would support women Priests but I've never read a word from either in scripture that would back that claim up nor have you offered up any scripture that supports the notion. In fact scripture actually makes a stronger case against that notion.
    I agree we need to walk the walk, but we also need to be sure we're walking the way of Jesus and not the world.


  5. I agree with you Martin.
    From an outsiders perspective, any religion can look odd, even silly. However I do think the purpose of his choice of words was more about poking christians in the eye than enlightening them on his view. Lets just say he could have made the same point using more diplomatic language.


  6. Larry Green01 April, 2011

    Look from down here.


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