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Theology of the Body | Daily News |


  1. He is pro-life and wrote an article defending the order of canada given to Morgentaler..he missed 1 of the basic lessons in life..u can't have your cake and eat it can a catholic priest defend the actions of a mass murderer? He says the newspaper caused him not to be re-elected...does he not have any responsibility for his actions? He needs to be remembered in our daily prayers.

  2. Mary, You need to understand at least one very important thing about the Order of Canada: It is NOT dependent upon the approval of any religious group. Nor is it awarded to anyone simply on the basis of adherence to a religious philosophy. It is awarded to those who "make a difference" to Canadian society. There is nothing that defines whether or not that difference has the Vatican's stamp of approval, because that is plainly not what the award is meant to represent. Morgentaler made a difference. THAT is why he got the Order of Canada.

    Other than that, I don't understand what you're saying at all. WHAT "mass murderer?" To whom are you referring? Re-elected? Are you on the right page, here?

  3. Depending on the poll you see, a majority of Canadians opposed the award. Painting the Vatican as the only objector is being naive or deceptive unless you think the majority of Canadians are faithful to the Vatican.


  4. Lady Janus
    i consider abortion to be murder and , for me, that makes Morgentaler a mass murderer and his actions are awful. I know u and i are not on the same page on this issue and i respect your position.
    my ref to the priest's re-election was ano post re the lawsuit against Lifesite..these senior moments are getting closer together lol

  5. Paul: Good thing, then, that the Order of Canada is not a popularity contest prize, huh? But I do not take your statement at face value, either. I don't think the actual majority of Canadians care one way or another about who gets the award. And most of the ones who object haven't got a clue what it's for or how the recipients are chosen. The public are not consulted. They have no voice and no vote in the matter.

    But where did I say anything about the Vatican's being the only objector?

    Mary: You are free to consider or think whatever you like. However, when you go making public statements about the legal standing of a citizen -- especially a prominent citizen -- you leave yourself open to lawsuits and penalties that go along with libel and slander. Under the law, Morgentaler is NOT a murderer. And if you contnue to label him as such, you are putting your own legal position in jeopardy.

  6. Janus

    Polls were conducted around the time of the award and they did show a majority of Canadians opposed the award to Morgantaller. By all means don't take my word for it, Google it and you'll find them. In fairness, left leaning media outlets seemed to produce polls that showed the opposite results (Toronto star for one).
    You're also absolutely right though, the Order doesn't reflect the consensus of Canadians but a group of left leaning elites. There in lies the controversy. Maybe they could change the title to The Order of Leftist Elite Canadians since they're making the judgement calls. A majority of Canadians think Henry is the last person on earth that should get the countries top honour. In fact a good number think he should be serving time.
    You did say the difference didn't need Vatican approval but I'm saying the disapproval of abortion goes much broader than faithful Catholics and included over half the population.


  7. Some people who did receive the Order of Canada wanted to give it back in protest.

    It's their right but I find it silly. It's already written in the history books that they did receive this honor & they accepted it. Do they want to re-write history?

    Who in heck is going to remember somebody giving their Order of Canada back? Anyway, I have a hard time remembering who gets that honor in the first place.

    Dr. Henry Morgentaler...he did help the plight of females. You can like this man or not. Too bad!

    Paul said:
    "A majority of Canadians think Henry is the last person on earth that should get the countries top honour. In fact a good number think he should be serving time."

    Dr. Henry Morgentaler did serve time.

    As a matter of fact he serve more time than lots of clergy that should had been jailed for ruining many young & not so young people lives.

    As for those people that think Henry is the last person on earth that should get the country's top honour.
    Many folks do not want to face a hostile anti-abortion person or group. Many just go along with anti-abortion crowd. Others talk about them behind their back. Not nice words.

    The anti-abortion people have a one track mind, they believe they are always right...always, especially the male clergy.

    If somebody does ask me point blank my views on abortion I just say I do not like abortions, still it needs to remain legal for those females who needs it.

    I never had an anti-abortion person in my face so to speak. If a person became very vocal with me I would try to move away & if they persisted & made a pest of themselves I would tell them to fuddle duddle off!


  8. "Polls were conducted around the time of the award and they did show a majority of Canadians opposed the award to Morgantaller."

    Actually, that's not correct. What the "polls" showed were that a certain percentage of those who were polled opposed an award, the meaning of which they had no clue. And that's why I don't trust polls. I know how they can be beaten and skewed.


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