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UK warns aviation industry of possible al Qaeda attack

Please God, let this not come to pass!

Good St. Christopher, pray for us. Keep those souls who travel to their destinations safely.

UK warns aviation industry of possible al Qaeda attack


  1. Larry Green07 January, 2011

    Tim, don’t whimper.
    Just prepare yourself to tend to those in need.

  2. Larry Green07 January, 2011

    Tim , dont whimper just prepare yourself for those in need.

  3. Larry: There is a BIG difference between a prayer and a whimper.

    You've become pretty cynical. Let me share a tidbit with you to explain this post. A seminary professor had a favorite line he'd use at exam time: "Pray like you never studied, and study like you never prayed!"

    I am prepared to tend to anyone in need, but it is also proper to pray that everyone be safe in their travels. You should do the same.

    Fr. Tim

  4. Larry Green08 January, 2011

    There was a professor before him who taught the difference between prayer and bable.

  5. Larry Green08 January, 2011

    Everyone will not be 'safe' in their travels.

  6. Larry: Assuming that you meant 'babble', are you suggesting that public prayer is nothing more than empty words?

    Fr. Tim

  7. Larry Green08 January, 2011

    Not I. Jesus is suggesting you pray that God,s will be done not yours Tim.
    And Tim, "you should" seek God's glory not human glory.

  8. Larry Green08 January, 2011

    By the way , yur a reelly good spelar Tim.Yur Perfect!

  9. Larry: You wrote: "By the way , yur a reelly good spelar Tim.Yur Perfect!"

    Proof positive that you haven't lost your sense of humor, even if you've seemingly started to attribute foul motives to others. I say this because a) there is no need to pray for God's glory (he doesn't need my prayers) and b) the essence of prayer is to openly and honestly present yourself and your petitions to God in humble submission and prayer.

    How is doing this seeking 'human glory'? It's not... except in as much as you seem to think I am maintaining this blog for such an end. Be assured that I pray everyday that this is not the case. Maybe sometimes I slip and fail, but you would incorrect if you think that is my intention.

    Fr. Tim

    P.S. Haven't made it to Pembroke in almost 2 months! Anything exciting happening down there? Further, as I asked Sylvia earlier today on her blog, is Borne soon to face trial on his charges or are there more preliminary procedures yet to come before the actual trial? We hear NOTHING from the Diocese.

    Fr. Tim

  10. Larry Green08 January, 2011

    Humor is good.
    I wrote. "And Tim, "you should" seek God's glory not human glory." That comment was an additional tidbit not intended to be linked to the subject of prayer.
    a)The cause of our being is to receive the glory of God and we should act with that purpose in mind. We have such a difficult time in trying to resist the powerful craving to be admired by others i.e. human glory.
    b)Through listening to Jesus and through my own experience I believe the essence of prayer is to discover the will of God and for the courage to accept the will of God . I believe Him because it seems to me He knew a bit about how to live in peace.
    You wrote “ Maybe sometimes I slip and fail, but you would incorrect if you think that is my intention.” You omitted the word ‘ be ‘ just to prove your point. That is friggen brilliant Tim !

    P.S. Not much exciting around here Tim. I did some work on the roof at St Francis in Renfrew. Irvcon did the roof and I do Irvcon’s woodwork. I spoke briefly with Fr. Proux, first time I met him, he has a good sense of humor.
    The last I heard of Borne trial was on Sylvias site and I think it is scheduled to proceed in the spring. Not to sure though. I hope I am wrong but I get the feeling he may get ‘nothing’ despite the damage he has done. I know for certain of one victim who was denied justice in the criminal aspect of the court because the judge ruled that “ he was old enough to decide for himself .”The grooming years don’t count . You know him too.
    However if Borne is found guilty on the other charges then E will have legal grounds to seek justice in a civil suit.

  11. Larry: Good catch on the 'be' omission! Thanks!

    As to the prayer point, we are both absolutely correct - we're just on different sides of the coin. Yes we must pray to accept God's will, but we can also pray that His will will support that which we hope and pray for.

    Glad you enjoyed your encounter with Peter. He is a very good lad and has a great deal on his shoulders as the priest given he is responsible for dealing with the clergy sex abuse allegations in our Diocese.

    As to Borne, I salute you for standing aside your friend and trust that you will encourage and support him in the legal proceedings ahead. I am doing the same with another complainant in this and another trial. I am also as disgusted as you are with the judges decision in the preliminary hearing. Your friend was victimized by someone claiming to represent Christ. I desire to show to those so victimized that these predators are not representative of true Christians. I know it's the same for you, and for this you are to be congratulated and thanked (as I do with Sylvia).

    Fr. Tim

  12. Larry Green08 January, 2011

    Tim you wrote " I desire to show to those so victimized that these predators are not representative of true Christians ." I know the sincerity of that conviction , there is no denying that.
    The prayer point. -Where I didn’t intent a link , there is one. -We could be both ‘ absolutely’ wrong but we cant be both ‘absolutely’ correct. It’s an extremely important matter and I think we should contemplate much more on the prayer Jesus taught us along with the prayers from Peter -for his safety and pleading for this not to pass-. My body is the corrupt element of my being , what does it matter if it dies now or 5 minutes from now ?

  13. Well noted, Larry. Furthermore Fr. Tim, you shouldn't let matters of the media instill fear in you to the extent that it does. There have been threats for decades concerning this topic, most of which are blown out of proportion simply to make news corporations money.

    However, if you insist on prayer on this issue, I believe that your prayers should not only be focused on the individuals travelling to their destinations, but also on the members of the al Qaeda (also human beings) who are simply lost and in need of God's guidance to find peace.


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