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Some people just have no fashion sense!

Here is a shot that was posted on the CNN website of a gentleman waiting to board a flight. I can't decide if he was a victim of a wicked security check or is simply in (DESPERATE) need of a wardrobe makeover. Either way, I doubt you would see him walking down a Canadian street in winter with this get-up! 

I wonder though... where does he keep his passport?


  1. u can never take the boy out of the man and u prolly don't want to know where he keeps his wallet or passport

  2. LOL! Well, first off, I checked that photo on full-screen mode, and I can't make up my mind if it's a man or a woman (there are little bumps with nipples; I can't tell if there's a package bulge, thanks to the color scheme, the choker hides the throat, and I do know a couple of women with alopecia), or even possibly a trans! But you're right about the wardrobe...

    And...possibly a previous victim of a vicious security check (Bif Naked has some stories to tell on that front, herself)...and looking to shorten the process this time...?

    But as for passport and wallet...there is a belt on that outfit. Possibly a fanny pack? Tucked into a stocking top? ;D

  3. Lady Janus: His adams apple gives him away (as I suspect his wife might like to do as well - if he has one!)

    Fr. Tim

  4. I can't see whether or not he has an Adam's apple -- that choker is in the way.

    And this is just a guess...but if it is a man, I don't think he has a wife... ;D

  5. If this is an old woman, it is sad. If it is a man, it is sadder still. Not just because it is a poor fashion statement, but because most male-to-female cross-dressers are unable to stop the habit. It is a viscious addiction that few are able to overcome or even control. We should be praying for these men.

  6. LOL! CA, what is your problem with transvestites? They harm none by their actions. Why shoud they "stop the habit?" Or overcome? Or control?

    Judging books by their covers? Or simply judging those who don't live by your standards?

  7. No Lady J, not at all. It is you who judge my words. Do you know of anyone who is a transvestite? I do. And he does suffer. So please don't judge a book by its cover. I would appreciate it.


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