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Obama endorses building a mosque near Ground Zero - The Globe and Mail

Obama bases his position on the principle of religious freedom. Good move!

Obama endorses building a mosque near Ground Zero - The Globe and Mail


  1. As if Islam promotes religious freedom, something very wrong with this picture.

  2. i know they have a right to build there but i think it shows a TOTAL lack of compassion for the families of the 911 victims

  3. I'm more concern about the RADICAL Islam folks who believe that it is their goal to convert us and the rest of the world to their religion & faith. They see Christians like us as 'White Satan'. Some would not think twice to punish, injure, and kill females/males for the least little thing, infractions because it is their laws & their rights.

    I pray we do not fall under a ruler like that to live under.

  4. Julie, I haven't noticed that you are very tolerant of religions other than your own. What makes you different from any other intolerant? You certainly share the same propensity for labelling the other guy as bigotted...

    Mary, Christians in general aren't exactly in good odor in a lot of places in the world for some of the abuses and horrors some specific members of your religion have inflicted in the name of their/your religion. Do you consider yourself to be the same as the perpetrators of those horrors? Do you think you deserve to be punished for the wrongdoings of others? Are you a proponent of guilt by association, no matter how loose that association is?

    Why do you assume that any American Muslim is automatically in sympathy with terrorists?

    I an constantly being hammered on all sides by Christians who claim that they are the most tolerant of people because their religion tells them to be.

    So...who's lying to me?

  5. Lady Janus
    The whole Catholic Church was tarnished by the wrong doings of a handful of clergy and others...each time any of us sins we diminish the whole community. Muslims , thank God, have the same freedom as you and i and that is the way it should be...i just question the sensitivity of building a mosque there and i make no apology for the question...i just wonder how i would feel if 1 of my loved ones was lost in that senseless act of violence and perhaps it states volumes about my ability to move on

  6. "I'm more concern about the RADICAL Islam folks who believe that it is their goal to convert us and the rest of the world to their religion & faith."

    Say WHAAAAAAT? Lina,you wanna back up and run that again? This time, say "Christian" instead of "Islam!" And then tell me you don't find that to be ironic in the extreme...

    Mary, I got news for ya: the "whole" Catholic church was not tarnished by the wrong doings of a handful of Catholics! There were, are, and always will be members of any religion on earth who are what you'd call "evil." That does not make the rest of their co-religionists evil, and their brand of evil cannot be blamed on the religion -- they would be that way no matter what else they were. If you're feeling "tarnished" or "diminished," perhaps you have some personal issues in that direction about which only you know? And no, I don't want to know about them...

    I just heard a radio interview with a woman whose son was killed in that attack on the twin towers. SHE in in favor of a mosque being built there! And she want Obama to speak out in favor of it, something he is not specifically doing. So, then...what would you say to her? Would you call her wrong? Insensitive?

    What it boils down to is this: y'all keep forgetting that, no matter what you feel about a thing, you may not tell someone else how they may feel about it! Nor may you speak for them to a third party.

  7. Lady Janus what I said about:

    "I'm more concern about the RADICAL Islam folks who believe that it is their goal to convert us and the rest of the world to their religion & faith by using violence."

    I meant to put the word violence. If you know any Catholic group Lady Janus that use violence in order to convert people to Catholicism I for one DO NOT agree with those tactics.

    I also do not like Catholics (also other Christians) people saying one should used the Bible to beat the homosexual demons out of gays and even ask them to put the Bible on their crotch to pray three times a day until God stops these people being gay/homosexual.

    In my opinion these Catholics/Christians are full of prunes!


  8. Lina, Christianity (not just Catholicism) had its time with violent conversions. Just because it may not be happening today to any great extent does not say that it never happened at all. And it is one's history that shapes one's character, n'est-ce pas?

  9. Julie C,

    "As if Islam promotes religious freedom, something very wrong with this picture."

    I have to agree with this statement. I also agree with Mary G who says building a mosque near ground zero shows a lack of compassion.

    Lady Janus' says there were and are evil in all religions is historically correct with one exception. Jesus and the Bible do not teach or sanction the use of violence in support of christianity.

    Lady Janus needs to get some facts straight. The fact is that the Koran promotes violence against infidels. All she need do is read some of the information widely available on the internet. Just Google "Islam and the Bible" and tons of information can be found. It is not a tolerant religion. This is also evident in countries where Islam controls the governments. There is no freedom of religion. Basic freedoms which we take for granted are absent. There are different degrees of radicalism and it is true that it is generally peaceful in the western countries but this has more to do with the fact that there is no choice in western democracies. However, would this still be true if they were in the overwhelming majority? Even in some western countries, they have been trying to bring in Sharia Law which would deprive women of their basic rights which we take for granted. There are still Islamic countries today where if a christian were to preach from the Bible or try to convert a Muslim, he could receive the death sentence. Many have, even in recent times. This cannot be said for the western, nominally christian countries.

    Roman Catholicism also has a poor historical record as far as freedom of religion and other basic freedoms if you take into consideration the crusades, the inquistion, and what took place in Europe down through the ages. Check into what happened to the Waldenses and the Huegenots in France. I believe the inquistion lasted for something like 400 years. Even in the last few decades in southern Mexico, fanatical RCs have tried to force evangelical christians to support local RC festivals and if they refused, they were discriminated against and some were driven out of town. This information was on the U.S. State Department website which issues reports on religious freedom in the various countries around the world.


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