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Brampton Civic hospital imposes euthanasia by dehydration through pressure tactics

Brampton Civic hospital imposes euthanasia by dehydration through pressure tactics


  1. I am sorry for Joshua, his sister and all his friends, for what they are going through.

    I am not a medical professional. I know there is always two sides to a story. In crises situations emotions do run high and amok. I will not comment on this particular sad case.

    For me....I already had talks with my husband and adult sons about end of life issues. I even wrote them down. I sat with my husband and my oldest son and told them my wishes. My youngest son had a harder time to face the fact his Mom may die one day but gently I told him he would need to face these issues and make those tough decisions in his life.

    Death is part of the life cycle. My family knows if a medical situation arises for me, sadly but with grace they know what to do.

    I cannot speak for others but ONLY for me. I repeat..I cannot speak for others but ONLY for me.

    If others want to raise money to build special hospices/homes/buildings for people to be kept alive for whatever reason and for unlimited amount of time. Go for it. I am not being flippant or goofing around here.

    Fear is not only natural but is a great motivator in emotions and issues we all face in this earthly life.

    This is MY personal opinion, I believe with God's grace (help) it is possible to face death with a certain amount of dignity.

    I am at peace because I already prayed and discussed this in length with God. I continue still to pray about my life and death.

    Leaving this on a lighter note with this saying....'Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.'


  2. we have a duty to protest man's inhumanity to his fellow man....each of us IS our brother's keeper.

  3. Mary G said...

    "we have a duty to protest man's inhumanity to his fellow man....each of us IS our brother's keeper."

    To a certain point I agree with your statement Mary G. but only I know my limitations.


  4. Lina
    i know mine too but i believe we have a moral obligation to make our voice heard when we come across injustice or mistreatment of our fellow man..we must use whatever power we have....will we be ignored...perhaps...but that does not take away our responsibility.

  5. Is there another source for this "story?" I never take anything from LifeSite at face value.

    "I cannot speak for others but ONLY for me. I repeat..I cannot speak for others but ONLY for me."

    Good for you, Lina! And good for your whole family for actually making these decision before they are needed! My own family have been doing the same for years, and no matter how each of us feels about another's decision on a personal basis, we always -- always -- stick together and uphold the wishes of the one who is sick, and on whose behalf we are acting.

    "we have a duty to protest man's inhumanity to his fellow man....each of us IS our brother's keeper."

    Well, I will come to the aid of anyone who needs my help and wants it. But if I am told that ho help is required or desired, I will not impose my own judgment on someone just to make myself fell better about what they are going through. Just as I will rebut anyone's insistence on imposing their own judgment on me, if they don't agree with my decisions on a personal basis.

    Our brothers' keepers? No. Guardians of our brothers' personal choices.

  6. Mary G...I know what you mean. That is where the power of prayer comes in with a vengeance for some of us.


  7. Lady Janus thank you for that response to my post.

    Years ago they were many high profile cases in the news. That is what got me thinking seriously about life ending issues.

    What a mess and sufferings some of these families went through and many a times Church leaders got involved.

    I just remembered something my parish priest said to me it may be wise to go to an lawyer because of my family.

    Well, all my family knows my wishes and I do trust them.

    I hope this priest or any other clergy or hospital personnel does not go over my family's head and interfere and not respect my wishes.

    I did find out recently my family doctor is a Roman Catholic. There is nothing wrong by him being a Roman Catholic but I do not know if he will carry out my wishes? What happens if he is like a Cristina Alarcon with definite views on life's ending issues for others? family may not be a problem but others may become a problem for my family!

    Gee whiz...I may have to re-write and cover that loop hole some how, Lady Janus. Here I thought I had everything squared away.


  8. our god is greeat and he will show the world a miracle by raising this man from the dead healing him and going to the doctors ans say hahaha amen

  9. Lina, maybe the best thing to do would be to see a lawyer, have your wishes encoded in your will -- that makes them enforceable by law -- and that way, no one can override your wishes or your family's intentions to carry out your wishes. I have seen the overriding of wishes by both hospital administrations and by doctors, but never when those wishes were codifed in a will. You also might want to consider explaining in your will exactly why you are taking such precautions -- that you have a legitimate concern that your wishes will not be accomodated if you do not spell them out in a legal document. That will very likely stop the protests of those who would say, "But she didn't really mean that!"

  10. Lady Janus,

    Having my wishes encoded in my will is a good thing.

    Imagine me on my death bed and these different folks saying: "But she didn't really mean that!"
    I couldn't speak or respond to them that they have it all wrong. Just let me go, death is alright with me.

    I wouldn't want my final thoughts on this earth be: 'I want to wring these a-hole radical nuts necks, even including that priest over there, Lord.'

    Not my idea of a holy and happy death!

    On another note:

    Lady Janus, under the topic heading Editorial - Marriage Is a Constitutional Right- {05 August, 2010}

    We had a short exchange, it started on 09 August, 2010. It began slow about marriage and polygamy then it ended up with leaving me with a sour taste in my mouth later on. After a short examination of my conscience (it is a Catholic thing) I realized I do owe you Lady Janus an apology.

    I should had been more understanding with you on that day on 11 August, 2010.

    I was ticked off and very unreasonable for whatever reason. The fact is I took it out on you, Lady Janus.

    I even blamed you for Reddog's (this poster) leaving this blog of Fr.Tim Moyle.

    I did my own digging and I found out it was not even the butler that did it but it was a heated exchanged between Reddog and Fr. Tim.

    "Fr. Tim Moyle said...

    Lady Janus: I fear I may have frightened Reddog off... he canceled his status as a follower of the blog. Hopefully he comes back as, despite the hostile nature of some of his posts, he does have a legitimate argument to make.


    Fr. Tim
    17 April, 2010 "

    Lady Janus, as for your last post to me:

    "Lady Janus said...

    Is there an ESL issue, here? About all I understood from Lina's last comment was, "guilt trip," and, "forget about it."

    I don't do guilt. Not my flava. *But for the other, consider it done.*
    12 August, 2010 "

    Lady Janus you may have forgotten about the incident that day?
    *But for the other, consider it done.* (that is so nice of you) but you see, 'an examination of conscience' is a big part of being a Roman Catholic, it goes with the territory.

    Can you kindly explain to me what those letters ESL stand for? I am sure it doesn't stand for: 'Extra Special Lina'?

    Lina (smiling)

  11. "...'an examination of conscience' is a big part of being a Roman Catholic, it goes with the territory."

    And that brings guilt? Well, if that's the way you want to live your life, that's entirely up to you. But I don't do guilt. From what I have seen of those who do use it, it does more harm than good, and I don't understand how it can possibly be useful.

    ESL stands for English as a Second Language, but it actually has a much deeper meaning -- it's what happens when cultures collide, and even though two people may be speaking the same language, their interpretations of the words, gestures, and body language are different. I don't know anything about you except what you reveal here, and I was wondering if -- possibly because of our different cultures -- I had said something that you had interpretted in a manner different from what I intended.

    But..."Extra Special Lina" is definitely not out of the range of possibilites... ;D


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