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Campaign 2012: What Kind of Country Do You Want? | First Things

Here's George Weigel's latest column dealing with the upcoming US elections. I haven't posted a great deal about the campaign because as a Canadian blogger it has little immediately relevancy. But I liked this column for the fact that the questions it raises can apply here in Canada as well.

Campaign 2012: What Kind of Country Do You Want? | First Things


  1. Tina Netherby, Toronto24 October, 2012

    George W is quite correct, of course, in his anaylsis of the situation in the U S A. Of course, the situation is much more dire here in Canada, so much so, that no one of note would dare mwrite such an anaysis and have it published.
    In Canada it would either be called a hate crime, or the work of a homophobic ( whatever this non-dictionary word might mean at any given time), or ostricized by their Bishop as being too critical of the realities of life in Canada.
    If we ever claimed we were the home of the free, we can no longer do so.
    The Pro-gay movement, the anti-life people, the aetheists, and the so-called general niceness of Canadians would not approve of printing the TRUTH. They are more interested in stupir Reality Shows

  2. But maybe most Canadians don't want that type of country.

    Maybe most Canadians want people to have freedom of belief and practice but do not want one religion to determine our societies rules and values. Maybe most Canadians don't want a country where the minority who disapprove of gay marriage can dictate that policy for all. Maybe most Canadians realize that those who promote biblical morality are only promoting their particular interpretation of the bible, one that is not shared by many other Christians and often not non Christians.

  3. Tina Netherby25 October, 2012

    Dream on Rationalist 1 !The minority is still the minority, and you are in it ! Tina

  4. For example on same sex marriages, in a recent Angus Reid poll 59% are in favour of it remaining legal, only 14 % oppose it. That's a majority. Society has changed and we are no longer going to be dictated to by specific religions. Canada is a multi-religious, multi-cultural secular society and that is good.

    1. Tin Netherby26 October, 2012

      As Mr. Diefenbaker once said--- You know what dogs do with poles! Anyone paying for a poll can get the results they want- it depends on who is asked the question, and if the answers are coaxed from the people- or if it just all bogus. Tina

    2. And for consistency I'm sure you reject all polls that buttress your viewpoints.


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