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NASA’s ‘new form of life’ found in arsenic-rich lake disproven, scientists insist | News | National Post

Wolfe-Simon said in a statement sent to AFP that the data in the new papers “are consistent with our original paper” and that she and colleagues expect to publish new information in the next few months.
“A great thing about science is that the ability to do rigorous tests with controls provides an increasingly accurate knowledge of life and the universe that is extremely useful,” she said.
This is the reason that it is impossible to deny the discoveries of science because they don't fit into one's religious convictions. There is a self-correcting mechanism that acts like a gyroscope, keeping science true to its roll of objectively reveal the truth about creation. It's because of this it can be trusted, so long as one does not close themselves off to the possibility that any one discovery or theory may be incomplete or wrong - as this story seems to demonstrate happened with this re-definition of what is required for life.

To balance out the scales a little bit and show that these errors are committed by partisans on both sides of the God divide, here's a neat exposition by Lewis Black of why those who deny the validity of evolution are wrong. Hope it puts a smile on your face this wonderful Monday morning. 

NASA’s ‘new form of life’ found in arsenic-rich lake disproven, scientists insist | News | National Post


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