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California - Prosecutors Forgo New Trial for Man Accused of Assaulting Priest -

In California, it is evidently acceptable to beat the tar out of an old priest in a nursing home because you claim that he abused you as a child. This is after receiving $1.2 million dollars (split between two brothers who were victimized) and admitting to beating the priest up in open court. He drove 50 miles, offered a false name to gain entry and bringing leather gloves to put on his hands to maximize the damage done to his victim. Yet, the jury acquitted him.

I wonder if this man had admitted assaulting a lay person in a similar situation whether or not he would be getting this free pass for his crime? Probably not.

California - Prosecutors Forgo New Trial for Man Accused of Assaulting Priest -


  1. Anonymous12 July, 2012

    Cry me a river. You're not worried about this old priest. You're worried your victims will com after you. Coward.

  2. A very unfortunate situation all round.


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