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Was JFK Right to Uphold an ‘Absolute’ Separation of Church and State? | Daily News |

Was JFK Right to Uphold an ‘Absolute’ Separation of Church and State? | Daily News |


  1. I think it was right for JFK to speak as he did. I'm sure that Joe Sr bounced the text of that speech off Francis Spellman beforehand. They were best friends. Joe and Gloria Swanson spent many idyllic evenings together with Francis and his bevy Broadway chorus boys upstairs at the palace.

    Any politician is certainly free to say that he will follow the dictates of the pope in Rome as related to him by his local prelate, when elected to the chief executive office of the United States of America. JFK could certainly have said that. I wonder how far that would have gotten him?

    Was JFK a good president? I wasn't that fond of him but he was inspirational and brought the country together on some important issues during turbulent times. He helped to usher in a new era of increased equality for all in the civil rights movement. On the other hand he continued the post war exacerbation of Cold War relations with the World communist block, I think unnecessarily.

    I believe that the day when a fundamentalist Christian who does not believe in a secular civil society can be elected to high national office are over forever. This tempest generated by the Catholic hierarchy over statements made by JFK half a century ago are needless, inappropriate and non productive. For all their celebrity and wealth, the Kennedy family, then and now do no more than mirror the psyche and beliefs of the larger Catholic community in which they live and from whom they draw political support.

    Feel free to edit out the sentence about the parties at the palace, Tim. It is no more than factual but I know how much the homosexual culture that exists within the Catholic priesthood, especially the hierarchy offends you. You know, constructive reform within the church will never be possible until those that make up the institution to be reformed admit reality.

    1. 1 abandoned sheep11 April, 2012

      These last two Anonymous entries, likely from 2 different people, in my mind, only proves a previous point that was made on this Blog.
      Opinion is never fact- it remains just opinion.
      Quoting from someone's opinion does not prove it to be correct, it is just repetition of opinion.
      Can these 2 rationalists not learn the just MIGHT be seriously wrong? And, what in HELL is their point in arguing it here?
      What a crock of b s in this pretending one is MORE intelligent than the other?
      Have any of you ever made a bird or a flower, or a river, or a star, or a stone, or a grain of sand? Wake up pretenders !


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