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Liberal radio host: "I'm sick of Catholic scum and your Nazi Pope" |


  1. There are a fair number of men in vocations that cause them to be around children in positions of authority, scout masters, recreation directors, athletic coaches, school teachers that assault children sexually. These include Catholic priests but we know that Catholic priests are no more likely than anybody else to be child sexual predators.

    We should be careful about who we go around comparing to and calling Nazis or scum. People on both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of this. The Bishop of Peoria, Illinois just compared Obama to Hitler and called him a Nazi because Obama thinks women, wherever they work should have comprehensive health care coverage at least as good as they would get as a checker at WalMart or fry cook at McDonalds. That's not exactly blood in the streets or concentration camps, is it.

    We should ratchet down the hysteria and hate speech and not be so eager for the return of the Nazis.

    President Obama believes in universal access to health care for those at the bottom of the socio economic spectrum, this doesn't make him a Nazi or a commie. Most Catholic priests are Gay and have age appropriate sex with consenting partners, this doesn't make them scum or sexual predators.

  2. What is your evidence re gay Catholic priests?

    How do you know that 'most' Catholic priets have age appropriate sex with consenting partners?

    You present no evidence because you have none . And the reasons you give re the Bishop of Peoria is NOT why he compared Obama to Hitler.
    research takes time. May I suggest you take the time or go fish.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Deleting comments again, even though we know this blog is already heavily moderated. You lie, obfiscate and even then need to cover up.

      Is there no depth to which you will not sink, Tim? Or are the many chronic debilities that you suffer from because of your unhealthy and self destructive life style, heavy smoking, extreme physical inactivity and compulsive overindulgence in an already unhealthy and unbalanced diet, causing you to lose what limited lucidity and reason you still possess?

    3. reddog, you are the most insulting, uncouth,ignorant, ill-informed, just plain mean person, of anyone who posts anywhere.
      IF you ever wake up to your own truth, you will probably take your own life.
      That is what stupid atheists like you often do.
      Your legacy will be one of a mouthy idiot!

    4. Is that you wheezing, Mark? Are your legs sore and swollen from the congestive heart failure that you suffer from? Is the skin shiny and tight? Are there stasis ulcers above the ankle, leaking serosanguinous fluid into your shoes and socks? Are you sure that you have enough stamina to punch me in the nose, like you keep threatening? Are you sure you aren't really Father Tim? Do you even really know who you are any more?

    5. Maddog, do you still organize those Group masturbation sessions you started years ago?, Your hands must be getting arthritic by now.

  3. Mark Shower, Barry's Bay21 April, 2012

    Hey Maddog, you keep spreading fecal matter around, but that is easy for you- you are full of it.
    You hide behind a non-name because you are a coward, and do not want people laughing at you any more than they already do.
    IF you have a serious side to you, then it is SERIOUSLY WRONG.
    It is time you slither back under the rocks from whence you came.

    1. Hey Mark! I'm posting on my blog again. Go there. Have a read. You can email me from there any time. I'd be glad to get back to you with contact info, if you still want to come see me and punch me in the nose, big boy.

      Wow, really impressive, all the junior high toilet and wienie language you're unleashing on me. Highly effective. Devastating. Down for the count. No kidding.

    2. Maddog , I just checked, and I must tell you, YOU do not exist !

    3. See how my name, reddog, is in blue text, not black like yours? If you click on it, you go right to my Blogger profile page. From there you can view my blog or email me. I've been on Blogger for 6 years. I have 1300+ posts. That's my actual picture there.

      Thanks for showing enough interest to try, Mark. You'll get it right next time. Good luck!

    4. I clicked and found it. I am even less impressed now after viewing some of your posts there. And, just like here, not many are interested in your blog, opinions, etc.
      I have a sister living in Dana Point
      Her husband was, before he died, the Head of Forestry Serrvices for the County of Los Angeles.
      I think I wil go back to my knitting.

  4. See how these Christians love one another.
    And...speak in tongues.


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