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College Students Are Abandoning Religion In Record Numbers

College Students Are Abandoning Religion In Record Numbers


  1. I believe that the most destructive thing that Catholic clergy or laity can say is " the Pope isn't saying anything the church hasn't being saying for years," or " don't take literally for every word that he says." The pope needs the Savior the same as the rest of us do, but he does not need saviors. He needs listeners who are in the dark as opposed to those who are in the know. It's an extremely difficult task for him in a world where knowledge is so highly esteemed and where admiration/human glory is the ultimate goal. From my point of view the most basic and important message that Pope Francis is teaching by his example at this particular stage of his mission is that certitude and the need for it must be heaved out the window. None of us are God and only the brainwashed could/ would believe otherwise.


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