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Gone Fishing!

Dear Reader: It's time for my annual 'Pastors Fishing Trip' where I bring the local Protestant pastors into Dumoine Lake Cottages with me for a week's R&R, some serious fishing, and great conversations. Dumoine Lake is an exclusive rights fishing lake which means that only people who stay in the outfitter's cabins are permitted to fish there. As a result, it is (IMHO) the single best walleye and northern pike lake in all of northwestern Québec. 

The picture above is a friend from Pembroke (Leo - not a pastor!!) showing off one of the blue walleye the lake is famous for. The picture on the left is an example of some of the pike pulled from the water.

Please remember to offer a prayer for our safe travel, good fishing and grace-filled conversations. 

I'll resume posting here on Friday June 15th.


  1. Hope you had a good time and here's a joke awaiting you when you return. It's a two part joke, the first part everyone will get, the second, only people over 50 will find it funny, under 50 they won't understand.

    It was at the creation of the world and God was creating all the animals in pairs and telling them to be fruitful and multiply. A few years later God came back to check on the animals and there were two lions and a bunch of little lions, two elephants and a bunch of not so little elephants, two rabbits and a whole lot of rabbits. Everything seemed fine until he saw two snakes and no little snakes. God asked why they didn't multiply and they said "We can't, we're adders".

    God felt sorry for the snakes so he cut down some trees and fashioned a little log cabin and used some logs to make some furniture, chairs, table, beds for them to live out their remaining years in comfort.

    A few years later God came back and saw more, lions, more elephants and way too many rabbits. Dropping in on the adders to see how they were he was surprised to see many, many little snakes. Taken aback God said, I thought you couldn't multiply as you were adders. "That's true," said the snakes, "but you gave us log tables."


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