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Weird Weddings; Funny Funerals | First Things

Evidently Lutherans are dealing with the same issues as I face as a pastor who presides at weddings and funerals. You would not believe some of the requests we receive for these events. As a pastor, one does get tired of 'fighting the good fight' in trying to preserve a proper sense of worship. My favorite was a bride who wanted to jive down the aisle with her groom to Elvis! (It didn't happen.)

I wonder how long it will be before I find myself face to face with something like this popular YouTube video?

Weird Weddings; Funny Funerals | First Things


  1. I really feel for you Tim, and your fellow Priests. I've often heard it from the other end where some cradle Catholic is incensed that father Joe gave them a hard time about being shacked up in marriage preparation or the fact they were denied being allowed to play "I did it my way" at a funeral or have "spiritual" cousin Amy speak at the mass. They view the church as a service bureau for hire that should do their bidding, no matter how spiritually offensive their request might be.
    On the bright side, I see the church making efforts to right this situation by demanding parental involvement in the church and sincere commitment before administering the sacraments to them or their children.



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