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Catholic Mass undergoing first changes in 40 years | |

This change in the English translation of the Mass simply brings it closer to the official Latin. Anyone who has celebrated the Eucharist in French would recognize this as the new English version harmonizes with what francophones have been saying since the vernacular was permitted for the celebration of the mass. 

Still, 'change' is not something that comes easily to Catholics and there had better be some catechesis within parishes to explain why these changes are being implemented, lest folks think that this is an attempt to re-introduce the old Latin mass. 

Catholic Mass undergoing first changes in 40 years | |


  1. Getting rather tired of the whining about the Third Edition of the Roman Missal. It's closer to several other vernacular languages and it's closer in some respects to the Eastern Rite liturgies.

    I think it is a translation that treats us like grown-ups who can handle three syllable words.

    I have been asked to coordinate the implementation of the Missal in our parish. It's exciting. Fortunately there are also many good (American) resources available to help. Too bad the Canadians dragged their feet. I feel like we're behind the game a tad.


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