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"The burning question of Martin Luther must once more become our question too"

"The burning question of Martin Luther must once more become our question too"


  1. "The error of the Reformation period", yes this is a profound statement. But who is to blame? History has shown that it was "always the other guys fault".

    I think we need to move past blaming each other and take a look at where we agree, and it may surprise us to know that we agree on many or most fundamental doctrines. It is the "secondary" doctrines that are problem causing.

    The world hates us Christians, and we need to unite to combat evil in our midst. But name calling and turf-guarding will not accomplish that goal.


  2. "The world hates us Christians..."

    Not all. Not even most. Only the select few who insist on demonstrating their imagined superiority to those who merely wish not to be so bothered.


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