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This is a 'major' demonstration?

Various bloggers and online news sites have made reference today to the 'wave of rage and indignation' that is prompting spontaneous 'demonstrations' demonizing the Church. Here's a photo of the 'mob' that gathered in front of Westminster Cathedral in London that appears in the This Is Lancashire.

One hopes that citizens were able to navigate their way through the gridlocked traffic caused by such a MASSIVE demonstration.

Want to know what's really humorous?  Among this MASSIVE mob of demonstrators in included Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

So the biggest crowd that a professional campaign could put together to tap into the overwhelming rage among the millions who are turning against the church (according to the article) hardly filled a frame of a close camera shot.  Hooey! the church must be trembling in its boots through the world if this is the best the anti-church forces can do.


This small and pathetic display was enough to garner world wide attention with uncritical news reporting which is building to a common consensus that the who church is evil. Evil's purpose is done. Another weight has been placed upon the church to bear in this lenten Passion. Just as a splinter group of unfaithful religious undercut the opportunity for having all the benefits of Obamacare - while still maintaining an official government prohibition for the use of Federal tax dollars being used for elective abortions. All it takes is one point of weakness, shrouding itself as false compassion and the Culture of Death lashes the Body of Christ anew.

Pray for the Church. Accept to do penance for its sins in remittance for its crimes. And yes, suffer with the Church as well. But please God, endure we will and truth will win out in the end.

Maybe Chris de Burgh was on to something in his classic... Spanish Train.


  1. I love this whole album of de Burgh's. I bought it back when we still had vinyl in either stereo or mono (remember mono?) and I got the more expensive stereo because I loved three songs in particular: this one, Patricia, and A Spaceman Came Travelling.

    "...he's just doing his beeeeest..." Yup. That's what we all do, isn't it? And that's all we can ask of one another.

    Isn't it?

  2. Twice you had my post removed along with all your offending comments but I have record of everything that was said and so does god. I know you are not going to post it here but I want you to read it again and look yourself in the mirror. What kind of people have you become or more likely you always were. I have lost whatever respect I had you, I don’t know if you are a pathological liar as my comments below prove or simply an old drunk who goes sits blabbering on line and in the morning have the NP remove your lies but as I said God is watching you. Have a nice day.
    Mar 29 2010
    6:48 AM
    Fr. Tim perhaps reading your post Mar 27 2010 1:36 PM will refresh your memory where you said to “MortonThiokol” You are obnoxious, tenacious and annoying at best, destructive at worst. If you enjoy being delusional that is your privilege. Just don't infect other people with your dogma … on and on.” Not satisfied with your abuse in the first place you repeated pretty much the same in your 2.08 post. I do not remember which of his post was removed but so was one of mine to you in which I had listed a whole series of insults you had hurled at a number of people. One of my post to you, Mar 28 2010 11:10 AM however still remains. I would not be surprised if you had complained to the moderator to have his and my comments removed. That is ofcourse your right in case you were offended although I certainly did not say thing except to say how disappointed I was by a whole series of your posts that appeared very childish and not befitting a grown man, never mind a priest.
    Now you claim Mar 28 2010 7:29 PM referring to “MortonThiokol” as follows: “With respect Sir/Madam, I have no idea what you are talking about. I have neither offered nor received anything inappropriate from you, nor have I complained about you. Why are you dragging me into this? Fr. Tim”
    Very strange indeed!

  3. One more thing GET HELP you are making an ass of yourself and fooling no one.

  4. JamesSr: If you would be kind enough to speak with the staff at N.P., you will find that it was CrisA who requested the removal of HER offending article - and those SHE found offensive. I have never requested that anything be removed from the Holy Post that I posted or anyone else.

    Keep telling yourself the Big Lie and eventually you will begin to believe it.

    GET HELP. You are making an ass of yourself and fooling no one here.

    Fr. Tim

  5. I will comment on a post of Fr. Tim Moyle when asked why are there no women priests?

    He answered something to the effect it reminded him a man once said..."They do not have the balls for it!"

    I find that so sick for a Catholic priest to say this on the web. (in private away from parishioners ears is a different story. ) It was Fr. Tim Moyle alright because at the bottom of the post he had his website posted. At least he did not say it in Church. (as far as I know, anyway)

    Once in our Church after Mass a few babies were being Baptized. The parish priest told a little story that happened to him in another Church at an another Baptism he was officiating at.

    During that Baptism he wanted the mother to remove her baby's little hat. Instead he told the mother...'you can open your blouse now'!

    I wonder where the priest's eyes or should say mind was focus on?

    I know this priest made an error in the Church but why bring this story up at the present Baptism? That was just poor taste of him.

    I later learned a nun was present at that Mass. She told a relative and I that she talked to that priest. I told her the priest in question may not have meant to say those words. She said that is nonsense...he is trying to be funny and he is not! I told him so!

    I would like to have been there to see how she tuned that priest up.(grin) All I can say...good for you sister!!
    In fairness I know...too err is human, to forgive is divine!

  6. "They do not have the balls for it!"

    LOL! Tim! Did you really say that? You really do have a wicked (in the most hilarious sense of the word) sense of humor! 8^D

    So what's your problem, anonymous? Are priests not suppose to use anatomical humor and double entendres?

  7. Lady Janus,
    I will try to make myself clearer. I am sure many priests tell jokes that is not the problem. When it comes to celebration of the Holy Mass certain jokes are just tasteless that is my personal opinion. The priest is human I do get that. Laughing is good for you. I also get that.

    Last year my husband & I went to a restaurant after attending Mass(at our Church). Before entering the eating establishment my husband met his friend Joe, his wife & son (about 9yrs.old). They were coming from the same Church. Joe who was wearing a Boston Bruin hockey shirt, said to my hubby: 'Do you want to know what Father B.(it is well known this priest likes another hockey team) said to me....I cannot believe he said this to me before giving me the Host(The Real Presence - The Eucharist)...==""I still do not like that shirt.""== Then he gave Joe the Host.

    That is was I meant about inappropriate joke timing. True, not everybody heard what the priest said. My husband & Joe were laughing about it. Joe never imagine a priest would say a comment like that before giving Holy Communion.

    As for me, I just said to myself..'Men..Amen!

    I like a good joke like everybody else but there is a time and place for it. If somebody thinks I have a problem. I do not care. It is my own idiosyncrasy, I can easily live with that label.

    *By the way I do enjoy reading all your posts Lady Janus. I know you are not Catholic but I got to tell you....I like the way you think and write. Many Roman Catholic females think like you. Bravo!*

  8. Anonymous, humor is subjective, and as such, is neither "appropriate" not "inappropriate" with regards to either subject matter or timing or audience. You either think something is funny when you hear it or you don't.

    I personally hate slapstick and scatological humor. I don't think they're funny. But they're a matter of personal taste, like you say. Some people do find them funny.

    Just as I found the "balls" joke hilarious and you didn't.

  9. Lady Janus:

    1. Thank you for your gift
    2. Don't worry about James. He's just a 'silly rabbit' who haunts the National Post comment threads. He does not possess a sense of humor, even on his good days. He's on a short leash and I will be severe if he steps out of line.If he steps out of line here, he'll discover that I am quite capable of keeping him from disrupting our conversations.

    Fr. Tim

  10. Okay. I'm a natural north/earth Warrior, though -- I have a tendency to raise a shield of defense when I preceive an attack. But if you've got it all under control, I shall stand down.

    I know this is a really busy time for you. My gift is good for stress, whatever the origin. As long as you keep using it, it will remain there to be used.


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