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Need more proof that War has indeed begun in earnest against the Church? Visit CNN International Edition today and check out the 'Editors Choices'

If the evidence is not yet enough to convince you good reader that the War has indeed begun in earnest... I suggest a visit to the CNN (International News version) and scroll down to the the 'editor's choices'. There you will find 17 consecutive articles and video files all based upon the sex abuse scandals in Europe, the majority of which are trying to link the scandal directly to the Holy Father.

If that isn't enough, check out the articles posted on the New York Times today and yesterday, including the letters to the editor and the comments that accompany these articles. Again, they all attempt to connect various scandals directly to the Pontiff.

Then, take up the spiritual weapons at your disposal (prayer, fasting, charity) as well as the searching for every (NON-VIOLENT!!!) means at your disposal to mount a vigorous defense of the Church.

To make use of that old typing lesson phrase: "Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country"... (or in this case, 'church')


  1. The real threat to the Church is not from the community of those who have lost their faith in God and turn against the Church. The real threat is from those who maintain a strong faith but cease to find a home in the Catholic Church.

    I have said this before and will again. So many of my friends who have left Catholicism say to me, "I'm not a Catholic anymore, I have now become a Christian". At first I thought that they misspoke, then I really listened to what they were saying. They do not. It is exactly the way they feel.

  2. Dear Father Tim:

    All that the scandals that have been put before us do for those of us of the faith, is prove to us that we are called to be holy, because He is holy.

    If we are to be light to this world, it will be through the love of God shining through us to those who love us, but even more so to those who would persecute us.

    That love does not call us to be faint of heart or timid, but to be bold, gently and with kindness.

    To do this, we must draw nearer to Our Saviour, as you have said by prayer, fasting, and charity.

    We can join with our brothers and sisters through the Sacrifice of the Mass, the Rosary and the Liturgy of the Hours, preeminent forms of prayer among many valid and wonderful ways to praise and honour the God who so loves us.

    We can fast by letting go of things of the world that hold our attention, and draw us away from Him.

    And we can do simple acts of charity, by loving those who are not on the surface lovable, because we know in the depths of our hearts, that they too are made in His Image.

    It is a glorious time to be alive and to be a Christian.

  3. Father Tim:

    I posted this song by Michael W Smith again this morning, "Above All."

    It seems to me to be on point.

  4. Reddog:

    What a great insight, and from my own experience, is filled with truth.

    As a young man, I abandoned the Catholic Church, because I did not think it was relevant, or more honestly as I look back, it did not seem real to me.

    I came back because one afternoon, I heard the voice of God (which I concluded as there was only my wife and me in the room at the time, and it was a male voice)tell me to "Go to Church".

    Since then I have stayed because though I have been a musician at Pentecostal services with friends, and been to other churches, the Catholic Church had the Eucharist and the other sacraments, and I love them.

    However, I watched a lot of priests go through the motions, and a lot of congregations stuck in no man's land, neither fish nor fowl, not really Catholic (which at its heart is Christian), and not really Christian (with a Catholic flavour).

    But, I have witnessed a change in the Church, as my dear wife and I have worshipped around North America these past several years. The Church is coming alive, like the first crocus of Spring, which portends for the growth and arrival of the rest of the garden.

    I would have concurred with your friends in the past, and I might concur with your friends if I were to visit some parishes today.

    The times they are a changin'

  5. "The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, said in a front-page commentary March 25 that the New York Times article was part of a media campaign against the pope.
    It defended Pope Benedict, saying he had operated with "transparency, firmness and severity in turning a light on various cases of sexual abuse committed by priests and religious," as shown in his recent letter to Irish Catholics.
    "But the prevailing tendency in the media is to ignore the facts and to strain interpretations, with the aim of depicting the Catholic Church as the only institution responsible for sexual abuse, an image that does not correspond to reality," it said.
    This strategy, it said, reflects the "evident and shameful attempt to strike, at any cost, Pope Benedict and his closest collaborators."
    My friend shared his thoughts what he thinks about the above quote from Vatican newspaper:

    “”Are we supposed to be surprised that the Vatican newspaper defends the pope, and "what the NY Times didn't tell us" is the RCC spin on it? You think that because the Vatican newspaper SAYS "he operated with transparency, firmness and severity" that we can't see the truth?

    Transparency??? (Cardinal Ratzinger) JoRat drafted memos explicitly warning the clergy to keep these crimes a secret and dealt with within the church. Who knows how many predator priests he KNEW about and NEVER informed the civil authorities about ANY of them, believing he and the RCC are above the law.

    Firmness and severity??? Give me a friggin break! Father Murphy is only ONE example... a predator who abused 200 children was NEVER reported to authorities and NEVER defrocked because JoRat thought this scumbag's "dignity" was more important than justice or the lives of innocent children.

    The scumbags that JoRat and others in the church protected, AND themselves should all be put in a cage, and you can LINE that cage with your freaking Vatican newspaper!””

    ----This is a sample what Catholic like me are hearing----Lord have mercy on us all!!

  6. Here is a last post I will share with you on this topic. Remember, he is speaking about me also.

    """I find it rather interesting, if also sickening, the lengths some people go to, and the variety of tactics being used, to defend the pope and the RCC leadership in this matter of abused children. In the wake of so many smoking guns appearing on a fairly regular basis, there is much shifting of blame and deflection, but little if any acknowledgment of the kids who were abused.

    It's all "oh, the evil liberal media is smearing the pope and the RCC... how DARE they hold 'THE HOLY FATHER' and 'THE ONE TRUE CHURCH' accountable for crimes it committed and covered up!"

    It's as if there's a complete denial that a problem existed and still exists. Regardless of all the finger pointing at who is responsible, obviously SOMEONE is responsible (actually MANY), and the bigger picture shows us that the system isn't working. Many of these crimes WERE reported to people higher up in the church INSTEAD of the police. Sometimes they WERE reported to the police, and the police ALSO failed to bring justice to both the perpetrators and the victims.

    But a lot of that has to do with the church's policy of secrecy and believing that they can handle these crimes internally in the church. They don't seem to understand that they are not above the law. A priest who is known to have abused kids, instead of being made to face the legal consequences like any other child molester, is MAYBE sent to a psychiatrist or something, and MAYBE temporarily removed from his job... but often returned to work or moved somewhere else where they STILL have access to children.

    It seems so obvious to me that anyone committing a crime should be brought to the civil authorities, investigated and convicted IMMEDIATELY. It seems so obvious to me that the church has an obligation, not only to report crimes to the authorities, but accused priests should be removed from service IMMEDIATELY, pending investigation, and ONLY returned to priest duties IF they have been found innocent in a court of law.

    All of this bickering about who in the chain of command is culpable for the cover-ups, and people jumping through hoops to protect anyone involved, only adds insult to injury for the victims. It seems like the victims get forgotten in all this mess. It's become all about saving face for those implicated, whether it be various individuals within the church, the pope, or the overall image of the church.

    I have yet to see anyone who so passionately defends the pope and the RCC hierarchy to show a FRACTION of that passion for the VICTIMS. You are acting like the RCC IS the victim, and ignoring the children who suffered at the hands of criminals. It's despicable."""

    'I am going to watch The Passion of the Christ!' I may be back after Easter if not when you look at a Crucifix, that is where I will be...with Him. He is my one and only Hero...the original 'Superstar'!
    Have a peaceful and prayerful night!

  7. Lina: When you write: "It seems so obvious to me that anyone committing a crime should be brought to the civil authorities, investigated and convicted IMMEDIATELY. It seems so obvious to me that the church has an obligation, not only to report crimes to the authorities, but accused priests should be removed from service IMMEDIATELY, pending investigation, and ONLY returned to priest duties IF they have been found innocent in a court of law.".... you are stating what is the policy of the Catholic Church in Canada/USA today!!

    We are doing what is needed.

    Remember, those who are attacking the Church through the release of these news accounts are trying to destroy the faith. They are partisans in this fight and have no more right to be given the benefit of the doubt as to their expressing the 'truth' any more than anyone else. At least the RCC is putting its words into action in implementing this policy. If you want to be assured that this is the facts of the case as practiced in Pembroke, speak with Fr.Peter Proulx in Renfrew (613) 432-5825 or Constable Jamie Trader of the OPP.

    Fr. Tim

  8. I do not understand what you are trying to tell me Fr. Tim. Sorry about that. Please do not try to re-explain yourself to me.

    After much heavy praying and thinking I finally need to admit to myself that I am truly a Christian not necessary a Roman Catholic in the way you are or you think I should be.

    I am deleting your blog from my bookmark lists after writing this post. I am not much good at debating any how.

    By the way...I am a victim of abuse. The Roman Catholic Church would be the last place I would go for help! Blame the victim, blame the press, don't blame the priests or bishops or cardinals. Personally speaking...Pope Benedict XVI should resign(like that will ever happen?).

    At this very moment I do not have the stamina to continue because I am not well physically, mentality, emotionally or spiritually.

    My molester was a stranger so you do not have to worry about a member of your clergy being at fault. The Church's money is safe. God knows who did those evil acts to me but it is impossible for Constable Jamie Trader to take a statement from God. As for Fr. Peter Proulx, has he ever told you yet about the money the church paid out to ex-monsignor Bernard Prince's victim's yet? Like I would go to him for information and help...I do not think so!

    Wishing you all the best in life Father Tim and your brother priest Father Steve the one you said you shared 5yrs in the seminary. You men will need all the spiritual blessings you can get especially in the months ahead.


  9. Lina: First off, you are in my prayers. I know first hand how devastating it is be be a victim of sexual abuse (surprise!) and you will hold a special place in my prayers.

    As to Fr. Proulx, yes he has told us how much money has been paid out in settlements to date for the victims of Prince. The priests were given this information at our meeting with the Bishop. The process as to how these settlements were reached was also explained to us.

    I wish you all the best too. You are clearly a person of good heart and wounded spirit. May blessings be with you always.

    Fr. Tim

  10. SmallTownGuy28 March, 2010


    "The real threat to the Church is not from the community of those who have lost their faith in God and turn against the Church. The real threat is from those who maintain a strong faith but cease to find a home in the Catholic Church."

    What you are talking about is nothing new. Don't forget what the Reformation 450 years ago was all about. Exactly that. The leaders of the Reformation re-discovered biblical truth. For example, they found that salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ. Read Romans ch3,4, and 5 and see what I am talking about. Martin Luther discovered this in Romans or should I say God revealed this to him in Romans. "But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness." Romans 4:5 and "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 5:1. So the choice is yours. You can either believe salvation is by church membership, receiving sacraments, baptism, or all of these things, or you can believe what the Holy Spirit inspired the Apostle Paul to write in Paul's Epistle to Romans.
    Wayne M.

  11. "...those who are attacking the Church through the release of these news accounts are trying to destroy the faith."

    Are they? Or are they trying to save the main -- and most important -- part of it by amputation of gangrenous limbs and the cauterizing of necrotic tissue?

    Some of those whose criticisms I hear are Catholics who have been horrified at what they're just now finding out. Some of your "faithful" are in shock and mourning over what they are hearing. And someone much older than I drew a line of comparison to post-WWII, and the liberation of some of those "re-education" camps in eastern Europe. It was nothing like they had been told, even promised. They had -- and have -- been lied to and betrayed by the very people to whom they gave all their trust.

    Sure, there will always be those whose aim it is to destroy someone else's happiness, and if they can accomplish their goal by attacking someone's faith, they will do so. There are people for whom this is nothing more than sport.

    But for the most part, Tim, these "attacks" are not for sport; they serve a purpose. And they're not really attacks at all. They're a cleaning crew whose aim it is to restore the beauty of an important part of human history; but to do a proper job of it, some of the rotten timbers must be gouged out and replaced. Dark corners must be lighted. And piles of trash must be shovelled out and curtains of cobwebs swept away.

    Your faith needs a clean base, Tim. And it looks like someone is determined to give it to you, no matter how much painful scrubbing it takes.

    I don't "pray" -- it's not part of my culture or religious tradition. But I do use quantum energy to perfom emotional healing at a distance. I never do it without specific permission (I don't ever interfere with individual choice or free will). If you wish, I will focus some of it in your direction and shape it for you to use as you decide you need. But I will not send it until you give me your okay.

  12. Lady Janus: You are a gracious and generous woman. I thank you for any spiritual/energy aid you send my way. IMO, it's all good!

    Fr. Tim

  13. Okay, then, incoming: a bolus of quantum energy, parked right above your head, not touching you but close enough for you to reach up and touch it. With your hand or with your senses. "See" in your mind's eye a pale golden-ish, amorphous aura. Although it actually has no visible form, it does have physical properties. I'd be really interested to know which properties you notice.

    It's entirely possible that Mateo and Abraham will sense its presence before you do.

    I sent it on its way to you just after midnight my time (West Coast). And it's there for you to draw upon when you decide you want it. It'll dissipate on its own after a few days of not being used.


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