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US Federal Buildings closed for people of faith

Meghan Duke recounts on the First Things webblog how it was that she was denied entry into the US National Museum of Art because she was wearing a pro-life lapel pin. It seems that security guards have been trained to ask all patrons of the museum to remove any item that might be interpreted as being "religious" on the grounds that expressions of faith cannot be demonstrated within publicly owned buildings.

Aside from the fact that to be "prolife" does not require that one necessarily hold religious beliefs, this seems to be just another example of the enmity that is growing between the forces of the state and voices of faith, even within the borders of the country which holds to their "freedom of speech" so forcefully as to vitiate their own electoral campaign regulations to permit the voices of corporations and other groups the spend without limit to ensure that politicians will create legislation that will benefit their benefactors.

It's one of those little paradoxes of life to contemplate: a button (which costs a few pennies to produce) is a threat to civil discourse within the halls of public buildings, but incomprehensible numbers of millions of dollars can be spent by anyone to determine who gets elected to govern the land.

Be careful though. Pondering the logic of such decisions can give a believer a headache.


  1. It seems the major crime in contemporary North American Society is to be pro-life. But, is that necessarily all bad? It is obvious that if even a small pro-life pin causes concern, what the consciences of these people must be doing.

    The Holy Spirit is doing His work well. By this simple fact we should be re-assured that we are doing the right thing, and also being prophets for the Living Triune God.


  2. I do not know what kind of pro-life pin they are talking about. Was it a rose, a dove or was it a pin with an aborted baby/fetus on it?
    There is rules all over. Some I do not mine and some I do follow depending where I am going.
    As for me if I had a rose pin I would just take it off and offer a silent prayer for all involve and move on. There is a time to speak up and a time to let it slide.

  3. That's exactly why we have a problem with our freedom today Lina. Too many people, for too many years, 'let it slide'.
    We need to speak up as Jesus did. He didn't just 'move on'.

  4. RuralRite..If you were there(in that US National Museum of Art building) with a pin then go ahead with what you would do.
    Your statement RuralRite: "That's exactly why we have a problem with our freedom today Lina. Too many people, for too many years, 'let it slide'. We need to speak up like as Jesus did. He didn't just move on'.

    I just stated what I would do. That is me. As for Jesus...He is perfect, I am not. Furthermore, He knows me better than you and me.
    Thanks for your input. No hard feelings. :)

  5. There is also what we call "Secret Service" Christians


  6. Anonymous...
    I seriously do not know what you mean by "Secret Service" Christians? Cliff

  7. Secret Service Christians are the ones that are very hard to spot. Could be referred to as "putting your light under a bushel."


  8. Anonymous...
    Cliff's respond to me(Lina), Secret Service Christians are the ones that are very hard to spot: "Could be referred to as putting your light under a bushel."

    Cliff I do not know what you are saying because I am not good at this understanding and commenting stuff. If you believe there is such a group like: "The Secret Service Christians" in place around you and everywhere. Who am I to disagree with you. I am sure you are very good person.
    You have yourself a very nice day.

  9. Lina, this was not meant as personal, and I understand your approach. What I was using was hyperbole, inferring that some Christians are not letting their "light" shine as we are commanded in Scripture, to be witnesses and lights for Jesus.

    I would hope all Christians would take a stand for life and let their light shine.

    Peace and Blessings to you, because I sense you are a sensitive and careing person.


  10. Anonymous...
    Just a misunderstanding on my part.
    Peace and Blessings to you Cliff!

  11. First let me say that I think Meghan Duke should have been left alone to wear her pin into the museum. She is harming no one by wearing it -- simply letting her preferences be known in a quiet and non-intrusive way. She is putting her personal choice out there for all the world to see, as is her right unless and until she obstructs anyone else's freely made personal choice.

    But, Fr. Tim, if you want to disperse the enmity between the state and the faithful, you have to convince the faithful to follow their faith without trying to drag the rest of the world into compliance.


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