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Demographic bomb in the heart of Europe

George Weigel has been stating for years (read The Cube & the Cathedral) that there is a demographic time bomb that is ticking in the heart of Christian Europe, and to a lesser degree in North America. The SoCon Blog has posted an additional article which elucidates this point with up to date statistics. Click here to read this posting.

What is the nature of this demographic bomb? It is the high birth rate among adherents of Islam and the sub-replacement birth rate among Christians. If this trend continues for even one generation, most countries of the western world will be on the verge of becoming Muslim states.

Maybe the best resolution that Christians could undertake this new year is to propagate!!


  1. With a country that is ruled by radical feminist mentality, why should any man try to propagate? He will more than likely end up with a woman who will eventualy join the 'sisterhood' and have the whole system against him especially if he has children.

  2. A religion that depends upon birth rates of its members for an increase in its ranks is doomed. Why do Catholics strive to place all of us under the yolk of the marital and reproductive rules of the Christer triple head man in the clouds? Do they seek the wrath of those who deny their silly superstitions?

  3. Up until the fem/gay days, the religious have done very well increasing the flock.
    Catholics don't want to put you or anyone else under any yolk. You do that yourself by denying Him.


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