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Pregnancy centres under legislative threat: Trudeau's Liberals continue to demonstrate their contempt for what 'pro-choice' actually stands for.

Trudeau's Liberals continue to demonstrate their contempt for what 'pro-choice' actually stands for. They will use the public purse to support and promote abortion services and advocacy groups but punish those others that offer women material and emotional support in the cause of life. Clearly, they are saying to every woman who has chosen to bring her pre-born child to life, to either raise him/her herself or offer to another family through adoption, that her decision isn't as worthy or meritorious as one that would have ended the pregnancy with an abortion. 

Every pregnancy support centre that I have been involved in offers material support and emotional counselling to women wrestling with one of the most traumatic and consequential decisions of their life: to keep or abort their unborn baby. They strive to lift as much stress and provide a safe environment for a woman so that she can make the right decision freely and independently for themselves. Do we pray and hope that she chooses to let the babe live? Yes, we do. But we respect and support a woman irrespective of her decision. We never condemn nor reject women for it. Keeping the child is not a requirement for obtaining support from such centres. Whereas the government funds clinics to effectuate a woman's choice to abort, they are unwilling to support other centres that aid women in the process of actually making that life-changing decision in the first place if they don't in the end decide to kill their child.

I offer as a good example of the truth of my assertion as to the nature and activities of these centres, the 'First Choice Options' Pregnancy Centre in Pembroke, Ontario. EVERY woman who walks through their doors or connects in some other way is greeted with love, kindness, understanding, and material support, If at the end of her decision a woman chooses to terminate, she isn't treated any differently than one who decides differently. The staff and volunteers know that making such monumental and consequential decisions is traumatic for women who choose either way. They all need a supportive and understanding ear and a good heart of another in surviving their ultimate decision and that's what agencies like First Choice Options offers to them. 
That the Liberals and their parliamentary allies cannot see the truth in this speaks far worse of them than it says about the value and societal worth of non-profit agencies like pregnancy support centres. It's they who reflect authentic Canadian values of non-judgmental service to women who ask for help during their pregnancy. Not the Federal Liberal government. That's for damned sure.

Pregnancy centres under legislative threat


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