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Newly discovered glaciers on Mars may help humans settle on the Red Planet one day

Newly discovered glaciers on Mars may help humans settle on the Red Planet one day | CBC News


  1. Father Tim we can't feed the hungry we can't make affordable housing available why are we spending money on Mars etc?

  2. Mary: The same valid argument has been offered every time humanity reached beyond its limits, but it has never stopped us yet. "Why spend all that money to sail ships across the ocean when we don't even know if there's anything there?" We sailed anyway. "Why spend all that money on (insert big expensive scientific project here) when there's better ways to spend it here" We built them anyway. It's part of our nature to be curious. It won't be stopped anytime soon so long as there are new places to explore or new means of studying them no matter the cost. I'm not arguing in favor of spending our money this way. But I know that it's going to happen eventually because someone will always find a good reason to spend the money accomplishing it.


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