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Catholic hospital, the biggest palliative care centre in Ottawa, says it won’t offer doctor-assisted death | National Post

When did 'doctor-assisted death' become a constitutional right? Yes, the SCC has said that it is legal, but that doesn't make it a 'right' which MUST be provided when demanded. Just because something is judged to be legal doesn't mean that everyone is entitled to get it whenever they choose. Nor does it mean that every institution needs to offer a service just because it is legal. Organizations like 'Dying with Dignity Canada' are conflating the legalization of euthanasia with a right to force institutions and medical professionals to offer it everywhere. 

“We believe that all publicly funded institutions, including Catholic hospitals, hospices and health authorities need to respect Canadians’ charter rights for assisted death if the person meets the eligibility criteria,” said Shanaaz Gokool, chief executive officer of Dying With Dignity Canada. “We see this to be one of the most critical issues around access. And for some people, it may be where the rubber hits the road.”
Clearly Catholics still have a great deal to fight against even though we've lost the legal battle to prohibit euthanasia. We MUST ensure that the government doesn't have the right to force institutions or individuals to kill people. That would really be a step too far in walking our society down the road to totalitarianism. 

Catholic hospital, the biggest palliative care centre in Ottawa, says it won’t offer doctor-assisted death | National Post


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