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Bigotry, the Bible and the Lessons of Indiana - This is what's coming down the track at Christians. We had better prepare ourselves if we intend to hold to our beliefs

Bigotry, the Bible and the Lessons of Indiana -


  1. Gay marriage is the only belief that Catholics hold on to in the public square. I know of no other legal "sin" that caused a baker to refuse to serve a customer. To the outside wold that one belief is becoming synonymous to the point of exclusivity with Catholic belief.

  2. Really? I can think of a boat load of legal sins I as a Catholic would refuse to be party to besides gay weddings. I'd refuse work associated with promoting or endorsing abortion, birth control, pornography, euthanasia, polygamy, recreational drug use, prostitution, escort services, satanic worship or occult practices etc. etc.

    1. Can you give one example of that happening? How many bakers have refused to bake a cake to a couple getting married who admit to practicing birth control, etc.

  3. Hello Michael
    Thats not a comparable situation. The contracepting couple meet the biblical and traditional definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman Matt: 19:5. God never sanctioned marriage between people of the same sex. If the baker were to stop baking wedding cakes for sinners they'd never bake a single cake. This isn't about the sins of the customers as it is about the redefinition of marriage itself, incompatible with God's plan. For many Christians, to contribute to a gay "marriage" would be an act of affirmation of the concept in violation of Biblical teaching. I support their right of refusal as it would be a violation of conscience, as I also support the right of the dozen or so gay bakeries that refused to bake a cake for a traditional marriage group wanting "gay marriage is wrong" printed on it. Although it is legal to hold that opinion (for now at least) they could not in good conscience provide that cake. As a business or free individuals, that is within our rights to do so. Just as Tim Cook has the right to withhold business from Indiana for its crimes against gay shoppers (while they open another Applestore in Saudi Arabia where they hang them)


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