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Top Catholics, evangelicals: Gay marriage worse than divorce or cohabitation | Crux

Nine times out of ten, I find myself in agreement with the folks noted or quoted in this article. This article might be that rare time when I don't.

I think that as much as I agree that marriage (as seen from a religious perspective) is defined exclusively as a sanctified heterosexual union, does the fact that the State is using the same term in a broader context when it assesses who is eligible for government benefits not really only a semantic argument? Put in fewer words, what does it matter that the State uses the word marriage to mean something different than what Churches do? So long as the Churches are not compelled to accept the State's redefinition as being operational within their walls, is such a lexiconic brouhaha really the end of civilization as we know it? I just don't see it.

Click on the link below to read the source article and decide for yourself.

Top Catholics, evangelicals: Gay marriage worse than divorce or cohabitation | Crux


  1. Yes the state or the courts are redefining marriage but it's often in response to religious demands to make marriage more inclusive. Of course it isn't the Catholic view of marriage but then the state needs to take a more inclusive approach to marriage in a multi-confessional society. Churches are free to limit marriage in whatever way they want or to not even have marriage as some denominations do.

    In my opinion what is destroying marriage is not a gay couple having a legal or religious commitment to each other but the mockery of marriage much of modern society embraces. I remember a comment I read last US election cycle where Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh were blasting Pres. Obama for nor supporting marriage because of his support for gay unions. The commentator said obvious these two supported marriage as they had seven marriages between them and Pres. Obama has only had one.


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