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What's this blog all about?

I've been receiving some passionate if misguided comments lately about the types of stories I've post to this blog and it seemed appropriate to address their concerns.

First off, please remember that this blog was developed as a spot where a variety of issues could be discussed. This means that it is not my intention to only post material that promotes the Catholic faith, but rather it requires linking to articles that promote a variety of positions and attitudes about what I refer to as 'life question' issues. For example, if I post a piece that promotes something like euthanasia its purpose is to provoke thought and discussion. It does not indicate that I support such immoral acts. To put it succinctly, it's not a blog intended to preach to the choir! It's intended to promote and foster reflection and conversation on any given topic.

Others have commented that I am falsely claiming to be an 'evangelical Catholic' as evidenced by the type of articles I post. To these folks I simply say that I am always an evangelical in my work and life as a priest but that is not what this blog was intended to accomplish. (See paragraph above for its actual purpose.) Just because I am willing to address a wide panoply of issues here doesn't reflect on how I live as a Catholic or function as a priest.

To those who are expressing these concerns about the material I am presenting, may I suggest that you are living your life either with blinders on or your head is stuck in the sand if you think that I am in error in publishing such a wide variety of articles. Issues of science, morality, politics, etc. all deal with material that Catholics face every day. To refuse to acknowledge this and only ponder or promote what the Church teaches is to blind yourself to the realities of the world around us. May I politely suggest to such folks that if THEY are serious about wanting to promote Church teaching, THEY should themselves be searching out material that runs counter to what we believe. 'Know thy enemy' is the first step in discerning how to best respond to what they're promoting. 

Finally, I wish to just express my appreciation to those who visit this blog and join in the conversation. Just over 350,000 times a year someone accesses the material I am posting - a number that FAR EXCEEDS my hopes and dreams when I started this blog. Thank you all for making this blog such a Canadian success story. I promise to continue to post as much material as I can so that we can all focus on those life questions that pop up 'where the rubber hits the road'.

Fr. Tim


  1. Austin Legris10 July, 2013

    Thou dost protest too much!
    Thou art a Priest forever in the order of Melchesidech- and that has NO mention of blogging about things of the World you wish to provoke people with.
    When you were a Social Worker, did you try to provoke your clients or your employer often?
    Do not look for Absolution here, Father. It only is given when the penitent has the desire, and makes attempts, to change.
    You seem to be very comfortable in your pew you have built.
    The Catholic Church does not need one more Priest filled with Pride.

    1. Austin: I am not looking for absolution from you. I am only hoping for comprehension. Sadly you seem incapable of that at this point in time. Try to get read a newspaper or magazine and maybe you'll eventually come to understand the purpose and raison d'etre of this blog.

      Fr. Tim

    2. P.S. What the Church doesn't need is smug closed minded people like you who are incapable of accepting anything that doesn't fit into your prejudiced little boxes.

      Fr. Tim

    3. Rationalist 1 and Father; Again you come on like a tag-team in wrestling- one does not agree with a lot of what you say, but, superman-like, defends your right to say it. You, Father , now tell us you are in the News business. Surprise!
      Forgive me if I was taught by good Priests and Nuns that a Priest was there, or became a Priest to SERVE parishioners.
      Times may have changed , but the reason for being has not.
      It sounds very much like you are not comfortable being JUST a Priest!
      By the way, since you are a Priest, how do your insults fit in with following the lead of the Apostles? Austin

    4. Austin: Jesus used similar language and worse in responding to your spiritual ancestors... the Pharisees.

      You know nothing about my priestly ministry. While I have been tending to the needs of five families who have all suffered a death in the parish over the past 72 hrs, arranging and celebrating services at the Funeral home and in the Church, you've been spending your time ruminating and fixating on your hurt feelings because a priest speaks to you in the same tone as you addressed him. You've probably accomplished nothing more than complaining to your wife and changing the channel on the tv. Perhaps you're not comfortable with your life and faith Austin, but rest assured that I am comfortable in my relationship with God, his Church, and my vocation as a Catholic priest.

      If you don't like the fact that instead of following your example in life and choose to dedicate what free time I have to this project, don't visit here. I am interested in fostering a discussion about issues. Not getting into a spitting contest with a camel.

      Fr. Tim

      P.S. Please feel free this comment to anyone you please. I don't mind in the least.

    5. You are not a Priest- you are a hypocrite.
      Comparing yourself to Jesus is quite a stretch, even for you. Good bye forever. Austin

  2. Austin - Speaking as an atheist and quite frankly someone who is not entirely in favour of Catholic evangelization (but someone who support Catholics right to evangelize) Fr. Tim is doing his bit to get his Catholic message out there. In my opinion he should have more commentary and fewer links but that's his style. When he does write, it's very effective and he is performing his mission as an evangelical priest.

  3. Mary Corneau10 July, 2013

    who is this Priest? He sounds so full of himself, and now he says he has a Canadian Success story?
    My God , I do not know what has gotten into the minds of this kind of Priest. Could it be possession by Satan?
    A priest bragging about how great he is online. I do not think God will be happy about this

    1. Mary: Not good at reading I see, eh? The BLOG is a Canadian success. Not me. I am not my blog nor is it me. As to what makes God happy is a subject you know very little about. Your comment makes that particularly clear. In charity may I suggest that you refrain from continuing this thread as it will only serve to make you look even more foolish than you do already.

      Fr. Tim

  4. George Yurich10 July, 2013

    How is it that a Priest of my Diocese is allowed to carry on like this one does?
    Far from being an Evangelical, his is a distraction , personating as an evangelist.
    I will be in touch with the Nuncio in Ottawa, and the Bishop in Pembroke about this nut-bar.
    Talking big about what a success his blog is. He should be much more interested in how his Ministry is doing.
    My guess is it is not doing well at all.
    Pray for him, everybody- he is off the rails.

    1. George: Please feel free to send anything I write and post here to anyone you want. I'd be honored by their visit to this site. And as I said to your fellow hypocrites above, you know absolutely SQUAT about the priestly ministry. Your comment apply demonstrates that your barely have a grip on what it is to be a Christian, let alone a faithful Catholic. Are you sure you want even more people to discover what a Pharisee you really are? Go ahead then. You might want to reflect though on that old maxim that it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and reveal all doubt before you make that decision.

      Fr. Tim

    2. Really, you are an insulting idiot mr moyle.

  5. This my third time I have looked at this site, and each time I have witnessed Fr Moyle being very distraught because some people do not agree with him. He actually is very bad-mannered with many. He does not himself realize what a blog is if he can dish it out, and not expect to get it back. I will not be back a fourth time. Ruth

  6. Redhat Girl10 July, 2013

    Wow ! I was looking for, I thought, Fr. Corapi's site and got this on instead.
    Looks like the Priest of this blog has his troubles, just like Fr. Corapi
    Can someone tell me how it is that so many Priests are being caught up in things of this World, when they are to be focused on the Next World- Heaven&
    I am happy I do not know where this Priest is hanging out, but I am happy he is not in my Parish!
    Redhat Girl

  7. Redhat, Ruth, George, & Austin: You've been quite generous in your use of adjectives to describe what you think of me. I'm flattered. Did you know that there's an internet term for folks like you?

    'Troll': In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally[3][4] or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[5] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

    I trust you can see just how perfectly your commentary fits the definition. There's most certainly nothing Christian or Catholic about your malicious judgements within your comments which would mitigate any other interpretation.

    So, while I will continue to post your sorry posts if you offer it because you are right about one thing: my life is too busy to take time to be distracted replying to (perhaps) well intentioned dragons like you. (Hint: 'Well Intentioned Dragons' is a standard book on virtually all evangelicals. You should read it. You might actually learn something to help you cope with your demented obsession that everyone must measure up to your standard.

    Don't fear though. You will all be kindly remembered in prayer as I turn in for the night. After all, if God could use the ass of Balaam to preach his message, surely he can do something with you and me.

    G'Night to you all.

    Fr. Tim

    1. Anonymous11 July, 2013

      This Priest is weird! He calls people names or insults them for disagreeing with him.
      I could not imagine going to Confession to him.
      But, from what I have heard, very few go to Confession anymore in Mattawa, so he takes out his frustrations on the internet.
      Just imagine, one Sunday he will likely have his homily on internet ethics!
      My oh My, what an intellect.

  8. Anonymous11 July, 2013

    Fr. Tim, I check your blog every morning. I don't follow every link you post, but keep up your good work.



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