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A credible candidate for Pope who understands how to use cultural references as a medium for evangelization.

A credible candidate for Pope who understands how to use cultural references as a medium for evangelization. Cardinal Scola reminds me of Alberto Luciani who was elected as John Paul I who, even though pontiff for only one month demonstrated the efficacy of using such a pastoral approach. If the future Bishop of Rome chosen by the Cardinals in upcoming conclave has any hope of stemming the tide currently running against the Church in the West, he will need to be able to preach and teach in a manner that resonates with them. On the whole, they are bereft of any catechetical instruction and unable to comprehend the heavily theological laden teachings of recent popes. The capacity to reformulate the truths of faith using modern cultural references would seem to be the only way to reach those who have turned away from the Church.


  1. It's probably less the cultural references, sometimes that can look tacky when an adult of a certain age tries to be too modern. It's not the media, it's the message

  2. Martha Tunney06 March, 2013

    Where will we get the Priests who know how to give a proper homily, based in the Truth, which is Jesus Christ?
    Unless the majority of the Bishops in the World undergo a massive conversion, or are fired, we will need to revert to home-teaching of Religion.
    The Schools do not provide it, the local Church does not provide it, and in fact, most Catholics do not even know enough that they need to demand it is given to us !


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