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Welsh Christian leaders join in opposition to 'presumed consent' for organ donation : News Headlines - Catholic Culture

It was not all that long ago that people being made to give up their heart, lung and kidney after registering as organ donors was fodder for improvisational comedy troupes like 'Second City'. 'Presumed consent' legislation put's some irony into the laughs they engender. Anything that brings that satirical scenario closer to reality is something that sends a chill down my spine.

-First, there was a strict prohibition on abortion. Then it was permitted in specific circumstances, before finally (through the fiat of the Supreme Court) any prohibition was legislatively erased.
-Gambling was illegal. The State introduced a 'one time only' Million Dollar' national lottery in support of the Montreal Olympics. Then every month... every week... every day... VLT's in towns and cities great and small.
-Sex was such a taboo subject that Dick van Dyck and Mary Tyler Moore slept in separate twin beds. Today sex on TV sells and is freely available everywhere.
-Divorces were rare and marriages were numerous. Today, marriages are becoming as rare as hen's teeth while divorce is widespread.

I am not arguing necessarily any of these made society better or worse. I only point to HOW each of these changes came about: incrementally but relentlessly, through an accumulation of small changes. Kind of like the piles of snow that are filling up our parish parking lot here in Mattawa. Think of it as a kind of chaos theory (butterfly cause hurricane, death and destruction) applied to societal conventions and structures.

Welsh Christian leaders join in opposition to 'presumed consent' for organ donation : News Headlines - Catholic Culture


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