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Cheering for Incest?!? Some Healthy Shame Would Do Us Some Good - U.s. - Catholic Online

Cheering for Incest?!? Some Healthy Shame Would Do Us Some Good - U.s. - Catholic Online


  1. Hi Tim,

    Call me a stickler for correct vocabulary if you must - but the definition of incest is not kissing between close relatives, but rather, sexual intercourse between close relatives.

    I have watched the video in question and all that I saw was parents and kids hamming it up for the audience and the cameras. Some folks were obviously exaggerating their actions...but it all looked pretty innocent to me. Surely no one could watch these scenes and seriously think that actual intercourse was occurring between parents and children.

    One can certainly question whether or not any of this was in "good taste"...however, taste is notoriously subjective. The question of "good taste" can be raised about virtually anything anywhere. Having said that, I am assuming from the context that all participants were well aware of the "tastelessness" of the event right from the beginning. No one was coerced to participate.

    Bottom line - the author's hyperbole about "incest" tells us more about her prudish sensibilities, than the morality of the pep rally participants.

    Much ado about nothing.


  2. Martin:

    You are ablsolutely correct that the video contained no actual incest.

    Jennifer Hartline is a married mother of 3 young daughters that she home schools, and is a very faith filled Catholic Woman. She is not in any way a prude, but like many Christian parents is drawing a line in the sand.

    Take out the word "incest" from her article, and call it something else like "f???ing disgusting behaviour" which you probably could not say at Catholic OnLine, even with the question marks, and the main point is the same.

    Have we no sense of shame anymore? Can we not tell wrong from right?

    Maybe you remember the closing words of the Act of Contrition from our youth: "I firmly resolve, with the help of your grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasions of sin."

    Why would God inspire people to pray a prayer like that? Society has known inherently that incest is not good for it.

    When I attempt to put myself into the scene presented in the video, either as a father with one of my own daughters, or moving way back in time if I were the student with my own mother, I recall the challenges of being a parent and also of being a teenager.

    IMHO this was a serious boundary issue between parents and their children, and makes the young people vulnerable to confusing thoughts and feelings that they are ill prepared for.

    At the least, it creates a near occasion for sin for both parties, and to what end?

    I wonder what would motivate a parent to humiliate their child in such a way, and in fact humiliate themselves as well.

    Have we no sense of healthy shame?


  3. This was disgusting. I can't even fathom how a father or mother could bring themselves to do this to their own child for whatever reason. I recall seeing a recent Youtube video where two teachers performed a lap dance for the kiddies in a similar situation.
    Given the growing acceptance and popularity of porn culture in the general public and the deer in the headlights look on the faces of those accused of perpetrating it, nothing surprises me anymore. Looking toward the years ahead, expect people to reach new lows of depravity as they try to outdo the last guy. Its what "progressive" societies do.


  4. Disgusting? Now, let's think about that for a moment, shall we?

    The object of this particular game is to see if the one being kissed is able to identify the one who is doing the kissing. None of these kids could identify the kisser. On a strictly personal level, I would find that MUCH more comforting than if any of the kids could have identified their parent in that manner...


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