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Most Catholics use birth control: study | Holy Post | National Post

Most Catholics use birth control: study | Holy Post | National Post


  1. Hands up, anyone who is actually surprised...

  2. very nice information you shared with us ..
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  3. Not surprised.
    In 1968, the Canadian Bishops Conference gave parishioners a green light to use contraception with the Winnipeg Statement. When birth control is given the nod at the top levels of the church, its no wonder that the laymen are practicing it and most clergy are silent on the issue.


  4. Of course we use birth control. And we don't feel guilty about it or think it's anyone else's business, including our Priest's!

  5. Anonymous here is a reason why many many Catholics use birth control.

    Read this sad answered from a priest to this poor woman's questioned.

    'Wendy Darling posted:'
    "My husband and I are a young, married, conservative, Catholic couple. We were married in the Church and practiced Natural Family Planning until we had our little boy. We want to continue growing our family, but would like to be done having children by age 30. We want to be open to God's gifts, but would also like to be done having children by age 30 and enjoy them while we are young. We plan to continue Natural Family Planning after we are 30, and would never think of using any kind of contraception. Many people told us that a decision such as this would be a personal question between God and ourselves. But, I just wanted to ask a Catholic expert to see if that would be considered a sin to not be open to life, even if we are Natural Family Planning."

    'Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P. (a Catholic Apologist) answers:'
    "Hi, God's principal reason for giving people children is not for them to enjoy them, but that certain human beings will exist. Has it occurred to you that God might want you to have children after you are thirty? I know that your plan sounds nice and neat and God's plans can be quite messy and all over the place. But He and only He knows best. Better let HIM call the shots with you thirties. If He wants to give you children during those years, then submit to Him and be open to what He sends you. His plans are golden. Be grateful that you are healthy enough to have children in your thirties, should He wish it." From Catholic forums
    I am not surprise Catholics use birth control!
    Can you imagine Fr. Moyle answering a young couple like this. You know very well they will tell Fr. Moyle where to go...of course BEHIND his back!


  6. Father Tim will tell u like it is according to the Church's teaching...what u do with that truth is between u and your God.

  7. MaryG, many priest tell you the dogmas, rules etc...things according to the Catholic Church's teachings but MANY priests they themselves do not believe in a lot of those Church's man made rules. I learned this through many years of experiences.

    As one priest said to a woman after a funeral ceremony once. The Catholic Church is a business and it's losing a lot of it.

    Priests are human just like us & they do go through trials & tribulations of doubts & fears about their Catholic faith like any body else.

    All priests try to be good priests but MANY are wolves in sheep clothing.

    True...many clergy do not molest, rape, cheat etc.. but more THAN a few know VERY well what is going on in their diocese about priests & clergy & in other places but find ways to look the other way or just pray about it.

    Praying is a good MaryG but many times it is just a lazy easy way out.

    After all is said and done, I'm more interested in my relationship with God than the Church.

    Pray for me MaryG


  8. Lina..i hear you
    i disagree that prayer is either lazy or an easy way out..i am not talking about prayer that easily can become rote that is just words...i think real prayer is talking , in your own words to God and listening in silence for His words to you and i have not always found it easy
    For years ..until my mid 60's i had no real concept of community and over the last 7 yrs have come to love and understand it in a whole new way...Jesus founded a community when He was on earth..He told them to go out and preach to everyone so together, as well as individually, we could come to know , love and serve Him. As community we know , love and support one is a great gift to us from God.
    Ever since i have been coming to this site u have been in my prayers and i hope to have a place in yours always

  9. Anonymous29 June, 2011

    I think the facts are that most Catholics have used a rubber, a pill or foam many times over. Why do we deny the facts ?


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