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The costs to victims of suing for compensation in clergy sex abuse cases

Taken from the Justice For the Victims of Bernard Prince website. I post it here to make clear that the victims in these abuse scandals are not getting rich through the legal process as their lawyers will receive approximately 30% of the settlements. 

As in many of these sad tales, the only ones getting rich are the lawyers! No wonder Mr. Talach (who represents the majority of victims in Ontario) is trolling for more victims. The more he finds... the richer he gets!!!  

And the victims get screwed again.

Civil suit reality check.
Independent investigations and outside legal advise makes us believe that at the end of the day the Diocese of Pembroke will pay out approximately  13.5% - 15.5% of  the civil suit amount to the actual victims. That amount could be significantly higher if they end up having to pay some victims court costs and certainly if more victims come forward. If  more evidence of their negligence surface that to could increase the percentages. These estimates are based on outcomes of similar cases in Ontario.
On top of that they will in all likelihood pay there own lawyers a figure that will be close to 30% +/- a few hundred thousand dollars of the total disbursement they will have given to the victims. The irony is that the longer they punish the victims and prolong their attempts at re-victimization the more it will eventually cost them. They have warned local priests that their pensions will be affected and have made every attempt outside of the press to paint the victims as the evil ones who simply want money out of greed. No  amount of money exists to compensate for the evil, the pain and the torment that all victims have had to live with.
Perhaps those with a vested interest should ask them what they hope to achieve in the end. Somehow this tactic sounds strangely like that old adage about “ cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face”. Veiled threats of legal action, charging neglect on the parts of some victim’s elderly parents, threatened legal action against at least one contributor to this web-site and suggestions that the civil cases could drag on for years suggesting indefinite suffering are all familiar tactics. Make no mistake, all is fair in the defense of the Pembroke diocese. Right, wrong, truth and justice all take a back seat to simply protecting their bankbook. If any clerics in the diocese can defend this behavior and reconnect it to all that they preach from their pulpits we would love to hear it. E-mail it to us and we will gladly post it on this site.
Unlike the inference that Bishop Windle made in his infamous letter of 1993 that the victims of Polish descent could be counted on not to cause trouble we are here to tell them that those days are long gone and that we will fight to the bitter end to see truth and justice prevail.


  1. Hello Fr. Tim,

    A landmark Oprah Show event that's never been done before. Two hundred men courageously stand together to say they were all molested.

    Fr. Tim, you can TUNE in on NOVEMBER 5, 2010 to watch the Oprah show & also spread the news to all especially to your brother priests about this important topic! The second part will be aired November 12th unless they (the network) changes that date.

    I pray people will set aside their prejudices about not liking Oprah & just listen to the victims.

    Here's a quote from one sexual abuse victim a Tim Fischer:

    "Pedophiles around the world: hear the ground swell of the hundreds of thousands of men and women who are fed up with your abuse and realize we are active and we are not going to put up with you any longer."

    Peace to you all!


  2. "There are wonderful, holy men who serve in the priesthood, like you Father Tim Moyle" and "There are also some monsters operating in the cloth."

  3. There are "saints" and "monsters" in every group, anon. None are exempt. But when crimes are committed, we need to focus strictly on the offenders as individuals, and not blame the entire organization. And we should not treat any offender with kid gloves just because he happens to be a member of any group, either.

  4. Lady Janus: Thank you. I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Fr. Tim

  5. {There are "saints" and "monsters" in every group,} True

    {But when crimes are committed, we need to focus strictly on the offenders as individuals, and not blame the entire organization.}

    The organization in question here is the Catholic Church. It is those that let themselves believe they march to a beat of a set of drums of different laws & rules. They assume they are entitled to break those laws & rules as they see fit because of who they are the Catholic Church.

    {we should not treat any offender with kid gloves}
    I agree

    These special offenders have special helpers, enablers like other clergy, priest that directly or indirectly cover up the crimes believing or assuming it's all for the good of the Church.

    That is steady changing every day. Still a long way to go.


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