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Technology is both weird and wonderful.

This is hard. I am posting this with my iphone (hold the's an older model that came free with my new contract. I'm finding it to be mixed blessing.

On the one hand it allows me to connect with the net virtually anywhere there are more than a few thousand people. It has been a challenge thought to finally be able to figure out had to do it! I asked my young nephew this weekend to show his old uncle how to use it to do more than phone others. With a look of disbelief, he took the thing from my hands and had me on line in less time than it took me to ask him to do it. Later,at the reception (my niece's wedding) his friends kept dropping by my table to make my acquaitance leaving me pondering whether they thought of me as being "cool" for blogging or developmentally handicapped for not knowing how to use my iPhone.

Working on such a small keyboard presents it's challenges to my old fingers and eyes. But it is now possible to be virtually connected to others 24/7. That now means that I can surf the net in those little pauses during a busy long weekend.

On the other hand it's now possible to virtually connect with the net 24/7...


  1. Fr. Tim. This is off topic but I thought you should know that someone is imoersonating you on the National Post comment section and posting vile comments regarding church leaders and catholic columnist.

  2. Thank you. I'll look into it.

    Fr Tim

  3. Fr. Michael Smith06 September, 2010

    I notice that the Holy Post has deleted the comment threads on recent articles. That may come as a relief.
    I have pretty well given up reading the comment threads after newspaper articles because some of the contributors are, shall we say, lacking in the social graces.
    The irony that I am currently writing on a comment thread hasn't escaped me. :-)

  4. Was likely Bushman. He has been blocked.


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