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A challenge, with deep nod of respect to graduates of the tertio millennio seminars

To: My fellow admirers of Fr. Richard Neuhaus,

If you are reading this post, then might I suggest that the core of the argument (which you can read in the first three posts of this blog) has for the greater part been proven.

I am searching for the Catholic minds who so inspired the heart and mind of our mutual friend and mentor, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus. I can say this with absolute certainty, as I have been honored to have been his summer neighbor for many years. Each summer, RJN would retire to his cottage here along side the Ottawa River immediately upon that summer's tertio millennio seminars in Poland.

I thank you for the gift that you were to him and to me. Your debates and conversations were the fuel for many nights shared together in either his, or my cottage. As World Youth Days infused energy and spirit in the Holy Father, so did you for him each summer. You renewed his faith, exercised his mind (you would be amazed how many folks were rendered silent by his presence! What a gift!) and you kept a bounce in his step as he watched you advance in life.

But as I said....I am searching, but alas I cannot often find your presence here in this "Speaker's Corner"; in this virtual "Hyde Park" that is the internet.

In this corner of the Public Square.

I grieved deeply RJN's passing once again this year when the calm days of Autumn did not bring his wisdom into my life. But, I had hoped to hear it echoed, on every medium possible, in the thoughts and voices of your contributions to the great challenge of promoting those core values that enlivened the heart and mind of RJN... and of course HIS old friend, Pope John Paul II, magnus.

It might be worth your while to begin to make your presence and thought concrete in the virtual world.

After, all I made it on to your screen, didn't I?

Fr. Tim Moyle
St. Anne's Parish, Mattawa
Diocese of Pembroke


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