25 April, 2012

We find Jesus in the most unexpected places....

Roy Payne, the performer who wrote and sings this song is a Canadian Country Music star from the 1970's and 1980's. He toured extensively with Waylan Jennings and Willie Nelson and was recently inducted in the East Coast Music Association Hall of Fame as a composer and performer. Among his platinum and gold hits one can find this little gem called 'Drinking Beer With Jesus.

I asked him what his inspiration was for this song and he shared with me that throughout his long career he had battled the demon of alcohol abuse. One day he found himself sitting along in a bar and noticed that in his stupor, he was actually having a conversation with God. He told me that this was who most drunks sitting alone at a bar were in fact talking to as they attempted to drown their pain and sorrows with alcohol.

With Roy's permission, I put together this little video to accompany his words and music. I intend to use it as part of a parish mission that I'll be offering in Elliot Lake, Ontario at the end of May. I'd be most interested in hearing your comments, especially as to whether or not you believe that the images I have chosen fit the message of the song.

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