28 April, 2012

UK: Could the Church be forced to celebrate gay weddings? - Vatican Insider

Given that the UK shares the same common law legal tradition as Canada, how can it be that the Church would not be able to give the same guarantees to be able to act in accordance with its teachings as we enjoy here? Something doesn't seem right about this story. Any thoughts?

UK: Could the Church be forced to celebrate gay weddings? - Vatican Insider


  1. It is to do with the Human Rights Act 1998, Equality Act 2010 and being part of the EU with laws passed in Europe effecting Britain. Hope that helps.

  2. Have you ever been asked to perform a Gay wedding, Tim?

    How about if it was not forced? What if a Catholic priest , serving among a non homophobic catholic community, decided, with the support of the community, to perform the sacrament of marriage between any sincere and committed couple?

    Isn't that what the the church is really concerned about? The loss of control among the faithful? Independent catholic laity?

  3. The Catholic Church has chosen not to marry couples where one couple was previously married and no one has forced them to change their practices.

    Also the old bugbear of churches renting out their halls and horror of horrors a gay couple has their reception there. Why was there never an outcry when a remarried couple had their reception in the same hall? I personally know of one Catholic who got remarried (outside the Church) and had her reception in a Catholic facility.


  4. If the church was concerned about loosing control they'd cave to the flavours of the day like many denominations have done since appeasement is the only way to keep people voluntarily coming to church if their minds are set that its moral teaching is wrong. If the church were a social club and not responsible for preserving and preaching the truth, then marrying two men, two women, two men and one woman, etc etc. would be good policy if the secular winds of the day were blowing in that direction.


  5. Rationalist: Such an event wouldn't happen in our diocese as we are forbidden from permitting some rentals. I would have thought it was the same in Toronto. God knows, there are lots of other options open to any couple who marry in Toronto so it would be no inconvenience for such a couple. It is an authentic hardship up here as often the parish hall is the only public space available to rent for such a reception. Couples who marry outside of the Church have to travel to another town or hold their reception outside in tents. A priest in TO has no grounds to rent the parish hall in such a case and I assume that if his Chancery Office were to find out what he did, he would be called on to the carpet with his Bishop.

    Fr. Tim


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