21 April, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI: Conservative Catholics hoping ‘God’s Rottweiler’ has returned | Holy Post | National Post

Pope Benedict XVI: Conservative Catholics hoping ‘God’s Rottweiler’ has returned | Holy Post | National Post


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  3. As I queried in the National Post article, and that is that a "Reformation Christian", I find it puzzling and confusing that this debate take place at all, and I am referring to the "left" versus the 'right'. True Christians/Catholics’ faith is based on truth and there can be NO compromising this truth. If you adhere to the Christian/Catholic faith, you embrace this truth.

    Liberalism is not embracing "The One True Faith"


  4. I was in Jr High before Vat II. Seems to me at that time there was a lot more room for diversity of religious belief in the catholic church. Some people believed in transsubstantiation some believed it was more symbolic than real. Some believed in physical Heaven and Hell, some believed it was more abstract. Same with eternal life. How a person prayed depended on how sophisticated their concept of God was and that was all right too. Whether you did rote repetitive prayers, prayed about actual things that concerned you or opened yourself up to God's will in a meditative sense. The noxious pelvic issues that so divide the Church today were not considered so primary to the faith, except for divorce, which has all but disappeared as a primary concern among Catholics today.

    Seems to me that God's rottwieler is barking vainly at shadows and light when he should be working with all of his powers, at keeping the flock together. In fact, it seems like he is more interested in driving most of the sheep out than keeping them safe and together in the fold during a time of danger. Just my opinion and what I remember. What the hierarchy is doing doesn't make sense unless they are out to destroy the Church. They are doing a pretty good job of that, from the Pope right on down to Father Tim.

    They should all take a lesson from the Nuns, Roy Bourgeois, Frank Drinan and Peter Kennedy. Better works of charity, love and inclusiveness rather than pushing people out and barring the gates against them.

    The constipated old men in their guilded closets, alone and apart from the Catholic people, seem to feel that they own the church and can control the minds of it's members on command. They don't and can't. Nothing can make it so. Because they believe this, they bring ruin upon the greatest institution the World has ever known. It's a shame but their choice. So be it.


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