29 April, 2012

Africa, a Sunday of bloodshed for Christians - Vatican Insider

Here's more evidence of the persecution of the Church. Perhaps the idiots who post stupid comments here denying this process think that their little corner of North America is the entire Church. Of course, they tend not to be interested in facts. They prefer to play in mud and insult instead. It's much easier for such anonymous posters when they don't have to deal with such meddlesome details like facts.

Africa, a Sunday of bloodshed for Christians - Vatican Insider

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  1. You show your ignorance, Tim. The continuing violence and genocide in West Africa and elsewhere on the continent is largely tribal in origin. Tribal affiliation is closely linked to religious preference in these areas and violence that would seem religious in motivation may have other causes both cultural and economic, playing out in a seemingly endless cycle of horrific atrocity over the generations. The largest tribe in Nigeria are the Yoruba, who tend to be Muslim. The Ibo are primarily Christian. These two groups were the primary antagonists in the Biafran war, almost half a century ago, now. Never ends.

    Don't you remember the genocidal conflicts in Rwanda and Uganda, almost a generation ago now? Many of the perpetrators and even ringleaders of that genocide were Catholic, including priests and even some nuns. Did you consider that to be religious violence too? Lotta increasing population pressure going on here too. Not exclusively a Catholic issue in West Africa. Nobody too big on birth control there.

    Smearing commenters on your blog, because of endemic violence that occurs half a World away is just foul. Calm down. Have a smoke. Eat a fried doughnut. What the heck, make it a couple of each.


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