27 April, 2012

‘Angry Queers’ smash church windows in Portland | LifeSiteNews.com

‘Angry Queers’ smash church windows in Portland | LifeSiteNews.com


  1. Hmmmmm...

    Before LifeSite "News" and others get too far down the road of demonizing the LGBT community for this act of vandalism, I would wait for the police investigation to be completed.

    How do we know that the e-mail from this "Queer Activist" group was a real attribution of responsibility?

    While I am not generally prone to conspiracy theories, I am also enough of a realist to recognize that in this "no holds barred culture war" it is not beyond impossible that the email was falsely attributed in order to implicate the LGBT community. Gasp...this is a possibility, no?

    Additionally, the vandalizing of a bank in the same neighbourhood, on the same evening, suggests that these events were caused by the same prepetrators. Don't see why queer activist would target both a bank and a Church....looks more like random acts of vandalsim to me (if the events are indeed related).

    Bottom line folks - if the LGBT community has a bone to pick with you, they will tend do it lawfully and in broad daylight and you will know why and what they are protesting.

    Lastly, I took a look at the Mars Hill Church's website and quite frankly I find their anti-gay bias fairly vanilla and not very noteworthy. I fail to see why Mars Hill would attract such an extreme response.

    Just my two cents.


  2. Martin: Overall, I agree with you that most gay rights groups would not act in this way... but times are changing for lots of groups and I accept the claim by the 'Angry Queers' group that they committed this act of vandalism. Personally, I think it comes from the increasing polarization and a rising tide of coarseness that is overtaking civil discourse these days. I posted for that reason, not as a particular condemnation of LGBT organizations.



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