05 April, 2012

Pope Assails ‘Disobedience’ Among Priests - NYTimes.com

Pope Assails ‘Disobedience’ Among Priests - NYTimes.com


  1. You gotta feel sorry for the old guy. Who does he get to control. Not governments. Not the laity of his own church. Not even the priests. I wonder how many of his princes are just waiting for more liberal leadership?

    Given those cardinals he and JPII have made, it may be a long wait but I wonder. Are all those boys as reactionary as they seem, really?

    Only time will tell but not too much time. Benedict is 85.

  2. Relgious observance is a freely chosen choice by popes,bishops,priests and laity.There is no control.It is one's knowledge and one's conscience that is at play...and of course grace (but that's for another day)

  3. 1 abandoned sheep07 April, 2012

    This really has become a tiresome johnny-one-note type of discussion, and nausea is just around the corner.
    One would think all of these self-absorbed enlightened thinkers could find something else to whine about.
    Or, is that TOO realistic for them ?


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