21 April, 2012

Benedict Doesn’t Make Headlines | First Things

A fellow poster in the threads of the Holy Post blog (Nostromo) made reference to this article in a discussion over there regarding whether or not B16 is revealing himself at last to be 'God's Rottweiler' in the Vatican's recent declaration regarding the American Woman's Religious Conference. Like him, I believe that this First Things article gives a far better perspective from which to situate the Pope's recent decision.

If B16 has proven anything, it's that he is intent on bringing as many souls as possible under the Catholic tent - granting rights and privileges to diverse groups as the Anglicans and the Lefrevites which allow them to celebrate the sacraments according to their own rites under the authority of the Chair of Peter. Remember too that his first act as Pontiff was to meet with Hans Kung to start discussions to find a way to bring him back into good standing with the Church. That's far from being a Rottweiler... he's far more like the gentle Beardie I live with: intelligent and friendly. 

Benedict Doesn’t Make Headlines | First Things

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