24 April, 2012

Is the church corrupt? - Catholic America - The Washington Post

Is the church corrupt? - Catholic America - The Washington Post


  1. Here is the way to look at this subject. The church is organized feudally. Each functionary collects from his territory and kicks some percentage upstairs. The higher you go in the pyramid the better off the functionaries are.

    If you study church history, even church historians will admit, if they have to, that the church has a long history of religious who enrich themselves, their families, friends and associates from church funds.

    The party line is that of course the church is not presently corrupt, that's long in the past. The same historians will also tell you, if press, that there is no historical record of major reform... And then there is what passes for major reform in the Catholic Church. Vatican II was passed off to us as major reform. What a joke that is.

    So the answer is yes there is corruption in the Catholic Church but that's the way it was set up. Like Amway. Catholicism is the longest running bunco scheme in the history of the World.

    Nobody smart or connected ever gives the church a penny unless they are certain to receive even more in return. Obviously this does not work for most people. If you are in doubt about what category you fall into, you will wisely consider yourself most people.

  2. But Amway gives only polishes and 'stuff' like that. With membership in the Church one has the great opportunity for eternal life with God....and it's all at no charge!
    Tell that to Amway!


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