21 April, 2012

A Habit (or lack-thereof) of Disobedience

A Habit (or lack-thereof) of Disobedience


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  2. Nuns mostly have no money of their own. They live in a small room somewhere. They have monthly transit passes. They run outreach/shelter/educational facilities for the poor, marginalized, homeless, beaten and abused, most often women, children, elderly.

    I've never seen a nun smoke or drink. I doubt they would have money to support the habit. I've never seen a nun engage in sexually provocative or flirtatious behavior. I've known priests that make such behavior a virtual, personal trademark. They actually seem to believe it's endearing and cute.

    If you're around priests much, it's not uncommon to see them engage in all sorts of unsavory and provocative behavior.

    Clearly, the reactionary faction of priests that now controls the hierarchy, has trouble with American nuns. They don't want the American nun disease to spread, as if it already isn't. They aren't in a position to do much about it. The nuns don't take money from the church. Usually it's the other way around. Every single property that the nuns built and occupied that was actually deeded to the Catholic Church in my area and there were many, were sold long ago to pay victims of sodomy priests. What's left, the nuns themselves own. I don't think the pope will excommunicate them all, do you? They do too much good stuff and have too many fans. More than the priests and pope, I would guess, at this sad point in the history of the Catholic priesthood.

    It will be interesting to see this play out. You always bet on the athlete that's smarter, trains harder and has the stamina and strategy to go the distance. I'm betting on the nuns.

  3. It always amazes me how narrow minded the hierarchy of the RCC is. Why is there no room for discussion, question, dialogue, and yes - even dissent? Why must there be stifling heterodox conformity on every theological issue? Why is freedom of thought crushed by these men at every turn? Relatively greater freedom of thought and enquiry are permitted in other christian denominations (e.g. United Church of Canada, Unitarian, Episcopalian, Metropolitan Community Church) and they all seem to thrive or at least hold their own....so why is the RCC hierarchy so allergic to free enquiry?

    And before the jackbooted "orthodox" Catholics descend upon my questions and kick me to the ground with their shouts of "if you don't like us then get the hell out", just keep in mind that I acknowledge that the RCC has the right to make any rules they like for their little club. That is not my point...I am asking a more fundamental question: Why is there no room for free enquiry and even dissent? What are you so afraid of?


    1. Jim MacDonald22 April, 2012

      Martin, are you the same Martin who was washed out from the Seminary because you are gay? You were attending there at the same time as Fr, Moyle, were you not? That would explain, in part, your hate for anything Roman Catholic.

    2. Jim: I can answer part of your query. Yes, Martin and I studied at SPS at the same time. As why he left the program, I have no idea... and neither do you. Why? Because it's none of our business. It most certainly is inappropriate and uncivil to ask his reasons - particularly because you ask not out of any Christian concern but only to validate your evidently hostile opinion of him. I sincerely hope he doesn't choose to share his reasons in as public a forum as this blog. Knowing him as I do to be a person of integrity and excellent character, I have no fear that he will indulge your malicious inquiry.

      Let me add though this one last point: Martin disagrees with the proposition that God exists. He has no particular hatred of the Catholic Church. In fact, I find he holds deep empathy and understanding for Catholic teachings and practices because he knows both so well, probably in ways that even he's unaware of. Catholic theology and philosophy sinks deep roots into a person's character and forms how they confront the world with a sense of justice and mercy. Martin has these in abundance. How about you?

      Fr. Tim

  4. I think the problem with feminist/newage guru nuns will dye off... literally. Their members are old and their orders are in steep decline while conservative orders faithful to the magisterial teachings of the church are flourishing and growing with young, vibrant women on fire to serve the Lord. Sadly the rebels have gained themselves positions of authority and influence within the church where they can infect the faithful with the latest fads of Oprah spirituality or the doctrines of rebellious priests and theologians.

  5. Hi Tim...Thank you for your kind words. Not sure that I agree with all of your conclusions, however, I appreciate your graciousness.

    Hi Jim...If I thought your questions were posed in a genuine attempt to engage in a meaningful discussion around the points that I raised, then I would certainly entertain them. Your insinuations are frankly sad. The fact is, the majority of young men and women who enter the process of spiritual discernment and formation do not exit the process ordained or called to holy orders. You imply that anyone who does not do so, is somehow "washed up". Is it any wonder that so many young people eschew the entire process?

    In point of fact, I have never regretted my decision to enter the Seminary. I learned a great deal about philosophy, theology, critical thinking skills, my fellow human beings, myself and my Church. Along the way, I met an amazing number of good and holy men (some whom I still count as dear friends to this very day). Similarly, I have never regretted my decision to leave the Seminary.

    Tim is right - I no longer accept the existence of god (or gods) as a likely possibility. I am open to considering new evidence and re-visting my conclusions...but so far, I have not encountered sufficient evidence that might compel me to do so. I wonder if you are open to any evidence that might prompt you to re-examine your conclusions? Or are you content to launch into personal attacks against those with whom you disagree?

    Ironically, your comments on this blog are a pithy testament to the narrow mindedness and "jackboot" tactics that I decried in my initial post.

    What do you say Jim: Why is there no room for free enquiry and even dissent within your Church? Of what is your Church so afraid?



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