18 April, 2012

China and the Great Catholic What-If | Crisis Magazine

China and the Great Catholic What-If | Crisis Magazine


  1. Had China been evangelized by the sword, like Latin America, there is no reason to believe that they would have been any more disposed to follow the dictates of an orthodox Catholic hierarchy than for example, Latin America, Ireland or the Philippines today.

    The Vatican would be in exactly the same position, only with another couple billion dissenting followers. Not a bad thing for the World but no help to the guilded closet in Rome.

    1. You are a menace to yourself. Head straight to the nearest msntal institution, and ask to be committed. You should not be out in the general population.

  2. Why is that Mark? I certainly don't feel very self menacing. I don't feel menacing to anybody at all. Are you the guy that wanted to meet me somewhere a few weeks ago and punch me in the nose? I think so. Maybe you are the menace, Mark. Have you considered that? Maybe you should.


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