30 April, 2012

Has the 'real Ratzinger' come out to play? | National Catholic Reporter

Given that the NC Reporter has portrayed B16 in this light from the moment of his election, it's not hard to see that they are taking recent events and are spinning them to fit their agenda. Lets look at some of the points they raised:

1. The Vatican has properly pointed out that the American Conference of Women Religious has been promoting heterodox propositions such as denying the necessity of salvation through Jesus Christ. Was the Vatican supposed to remain silent in the face of such errors being promulgated by a Catholic institution? Is it not proper that the CDF would point out these grievous errors? After all, that is their raison d'ĂȘtre for existing?

2. Same goes for the Irish priests. Note too that they were being sanctioned not for their personal beliefs or even for what they say or do in their parishes. It is because they were priests who had significant media connections as columnists in newspapers and electronic media ostensibly representing what the Church teaches. A priest cannot switch his own opinion to replace official Church teaching.

3. The entire world is being brought closer to the Latin original texts for the liturgy. This is why the English world is now using a new Missal for the past number of months. Are the Germans supposed to be exempt from this obligation to ensure that their vernacular texts also match the Latin original?

I think I've made my point and have no need to deal with other examples from the NCR article. The bottom line is that we are united in belief and practice under the authority of the Pope and the Vatican. This has been the case for almost 2000 years. I suspect it will continue to be so for many years to come. 

Has the 'real Ratzinger' come out to play? | National Catholic Reporter


  1. Well put.What is even more sad at this time is the news that SPU in Ottawa (a Pontifical University!) is to host a number of dissenters in September including ex priest Gregory Baum and a few others.It is sad that neither the Papal delegate nor the Archbishop of Ottawa has commented on or demanded that SPU at least begin to follow church teachings.

    1. ! abandoned sheep01 May, 2012

      There is nothing new about nothing being said by the Archbishop of Ottawa- he is either too busy blogging or travelling- after all, as he says, He is a Jesuit you know.


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