05 April, 2012

Is religion part of human nature? | Holy Post | National Post

Is religion part of human nature? | Holy Post | National Post


  1. People are not so driven to religion. What they crave is civil and domestic order and peace. The church used to be a huge force in providing these things.

    Now secular societies provide them and without all the superstitious claptrap, sex rules and the subjugation of women.

    Religion seems to be fading fast. Will it return? Who knows. One thing is certain. Institutions as powerful, all incompassing and expensive to maintain as religion do not exist without providing society with correspondingly huge benefits and make no mistake, in their hayday, religions are very good at what they do and attract very competent legions of functionaries to do it.

    One of the clues about the future lies in it's functionaries. There are ever fewer religious functionaries and they are less and less competent and tend to be oddballs, who do not directly engage or even seek to engage with real people, living real lives.

  2. The church has never stated that they are opposed to slavery. What they say they are opposed to is crueltry or unjust treatment of those held in bondage.

    The church held serfs on papal estates until well into what are considered modern times.

    Ask the now elderly women who were held in the Magdalen laundries in Ireland by the church until the 1970's if they considered that slavery. Long arduous hours of work, corporal punishment, isolation, denial of even their meager food and drink to enforce compliance and very short lives were their lot. Saying that you are opposed to crueland unjust treatment ofthose under your power is never the same thing as providing it, is it?

  3. The tendency to be religious probably is, bit I hope it's obvious that being religious isn't. In that respect it's like sports. There's a tendency among humans to like sports but one can, with no loss of one's human nature, choose to enjoy sports or be a Leafs fan.


    1. Or be an idiot like a rationalist !

    2. Mark. Wait till next year. Leafs in 20XX.

      I don't insult you. I would be the last one to insinuate that you routed for the Habs.


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