12 April, 2010

A WONDERFUL gift to LIFT my spirits on a day spent battling in these trying times.

God is indeed VERY good. On this day-off spent responding in various forums and to friends and parishioners regarding the horrific revelations of the past few days, the breeder of my canine companion decided to send along a few 'puppy' shots that I can add to my photo library. I'm happy to share them with you here.

He's as handsome today as he was then, although he has adapted to a shorter hair style now than in earlier days. I'll post some current pictures after his next grooming, but here are the gifts I received today. Enjoy.
 These pictures were taken when he was 10 weeks old

This was what he looked like when he first came to live with me...(lot's of brushing)

...and here's what he looks like after his last grooming

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