28 April, 2010

Pope hopes English translation of Missal will be 'springboard for a renewal' :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Does it strike anyone as odd that the Church is proceeding with potentially disquieting changes to the Liturgy in these difficult times? As one who lived the changes that followed Vatican II, I can attest that it was a challenge to the belief of many. The changes were poorly understood and implemented then and there's no evidence to indicate that the Church do any better now.

If major issues can be told to be patient in their desire for change, being frequently reminded that the mind of the Church slowly evolves in her understanding over many years, why the rush on this file? The benefit will be outstripped by the additional insult to the faith practice of many who will find 'this' change OK, when other issues are not, inconsistent and incomprehensible. I understand the theological argument; most laity will not. The consequences could be devastating.

What's the rush?

Pope hopes English translation of Missal will be 'springboard for a renewal' :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)


  1. Good grief... most people's idea of tradition is "the way it was when I was a kid." I am old enough to remember what a mess could be made of the tridentine mass... something I never tire of reminding my traditionalist friends. Alright... here's my entire take on liturgy:

    1. Read the parts in black
    2. Do the parts in red
    3. Don't introduce anything weird

    By weird I mean things like the maypole encountered in a Toronto parish and other such strangeness. New translations... no problem. Of course if you don't like the new translation you could always form a little band of neo-traditionalists.

    The only real issue here for me is the impossibility of getting a missal other than the trashy ones Novalis produces.

  2. I'm a young Catholic aged 28. I welcome with open arms this new translation. It is a massive improvement.

  3. The changes are not as massive as they were back when Latin was replaced. There are not really that many changes to the people's parts. The priest's parts will change quite a bit.


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