26 April, 2010

Priests honoured at dinner - The Daily Observer - Ontario, CA

A Tribute Dinner offered for the Clergy of my Diocese was part of the world wide "Year of the Priest" celebrations. It was a joint venture of the Diocesan Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Woman's Leagues, and it was very much appreciated by the clergy in attendance. Although the planning for this event preceded the recent revelations of documents demonstrating that our Diocesan administration of the day failed to follow its own stated policy in dealing with such allegations, denying victims who remained mute for many years, satisfied with assurances that their predator was under tight supervision - something that proved not to be true. It has not been pleasant to minister in what for a week was in the current cross hairs of the international media, and these days were certainly challenging for Pembroke's priests. The serendipity of events which brought this dinner quickly on the heels of these trials was a blessing for all the Diocesan family who celebrated together.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen all! 'Thanks' as well to God, whose providence was manifested in the confluence of these two events, infusing again His church with sufficient grace to remain faithful in her mission. This gift was made clear once again to lay and clergy alike, as they shared a pleasant dinner together last Friday.

Fr. Tim Moyle, Diocese of Pembroke

Priests honoured at dinner - The Daily Observer - Ontario, CA

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